After months of rumors that the Apple iPhone will be offered by a non-AT&T carrier, it would seem that the rumors now have some truth to them.  In a series of articles, PC World discusses Verizon’s announcement of the Verizon iPhone 4, which is scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

The Wall Street Journal cites a source known as a “person familiar with the matter” in its Saturday reports that confirmed Verizon’s intentions.  Verizon is planned to announce its version of the iPhone on Tuesday in New York City.

While the Verizon iPhone will not be a completely new model, it will be different from current offerings in that it is compatible with Verizon’s CDMA 3G network technology.  In allowing this, Verizon will be able to sell its phone in all markets.

News of the iPhone’s arrival to Verizon is certainly exciting for many, but many also wonder how much will it cost?  According to figures from Consumer Reports released in February 2010, iPhone users utilize twice as much data as non-iPhone smartphone users.  PC World reports that Verizon currently charges its smartphone and feature phone users $30 per month for an unlimited data plan.  It is unclear whether or not an unlimited data plan for Verizon’s iPhone would fall within the same price range.