Mobile Socializing Events If you were born any time before the 1980s you can remember when mobile phones were weird and totally unnecessary. If you look back at some of those now vintage cell phones they really were weird (and funny). Now we all live with at least one handheld device and even more, we’ve become social addicts, checking Facebook and Twitter at alarmingly frequent rates as we’ve become enslaved to FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out).

Lucky for event owners, this increasingly social-mobile way of life has led to a boon of opportunities to connect and more deeply engage with an audience of attendees, sponsors, media, exhibitors, and others.

Social is the Will. Mobile is the Way.

The convergence of social and mobile is no accident. As the saying goes, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  As each has developed along its own path—social media becoming ingrained in our personal and professional culture and ‘mobile’ displacing traditional forms of communication—they’ve also come together to create a perfect storm of opportunity.

Event organizers must look to the “will” of today’s social culture to be everywhere at once and the “way” of mobile to make it possible.  With mobile as the platform, events can connect and engage participants at all touchpoints via social media—before, during, and after each event.

Getting Social With It

With mobile as the platform, event and meeting owners can facilitate a strong social connection between attendees (or even wishful attendees), sponsors, exhibitors, and the event brand itself.  And it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Today’s leading-edge event management platforms—the technologies used to facilitate event planning, registration, and marketing—are equipped to handle the needs of today’s mobile-social events.  From custom-branded mobile-ready event websites to live Twitter feeds and social media based event communities, event participants can be engaged at the touch of a button from any mobile device.

Getting Global With It

Probably the biggest benefit of socializing an event is the notion that the event can extend beyond its physical boundaries. Making event-related conversations and updates available to a mobile and social audience means that even people who are outside the geographic boundaries of the event location can be ‘connected’ in some way.

The mobile-social marriage is sure to last. It’s up to meeting and event owners to decide if they’re going to look at it as “weird and funny” or jump on the opportunity to create a better experience.