Thanks to smartphones and the rise of apps, mobiles phones have become a central device for both our professional and personal lives. The uses of a single phone are now endless, and making calls is frankly a secondary purpose. Some of us barely use our smartphone to make calls at all. Even communication is more frequently handled through text or email.

Say what you will about this development, but there is no denying the potential for greater productivity through the modern mobile phone. You can keep everything and everyone all in one place, from contacts to helpful apps that allow you to work more quickly and with greater organization. There are mobile payments, mobile phone finders business deals, mobile marketing events, etc. Mobile is going strong!

Ultimately, it will be through the use of programs that this is done. After all, apps are meant to utilize the features of the phone that would otherwise go to waste. For greater productivity, check out these fantastic apps for business productivity.




Sometimes being productive is as simple as varying your tasks so you don’t get burnt out. This app is based on the principle that we work better when we have a set time for every goal. It allows you to set up a list of things that need to be done, and the length of time you want to do it in. It counts down each task and lets you know when to move on to the next one. (Free)


I love this app. It completely eliminates waiting on the line for a customer service representative and lets you go on doing whatever you like. You simply put in the number to call, your call back number, and once you are put on hold you hang up. The app will hold your place and actually call you back when it is time for you to speak to a live agent. (Free)

Simple Note

Take text, pics and links from any page and save it as a note, or make one of your own. You can then tag it, share it and organize it easily. This is similar to Evernote, as it automatically syncs up with your iPhone. However, it is a little more simple to use. (Free)


Mint is possibly the most popular financial program ever made. It works by connecting all of your accounts to one place for easy monitoring. Then it lets you set goals, budgets, check your credit information and find ways to save money. The app is a simpler version of the full site, so you can monitor your finances – both business and personal – on the go. (Free)

Dragon Dictation

If you want something better than the standard speak-to-text program on the iPhone, this is your best option. Easy to use, clear and accurate, it makes dictation a much faster task than before. A few people I have spoken to said it had some trouble with their accents, but the issues were minor. (Free)



Remember The Milk

If you have never heard of Remember The Milk, you are missing out on a fantastic website. It is a total life management system that makes it easy to organize your day to day and complete tasks. The app allows you to sync up your account with your phone, and access your information anywhere. (Free with $5.99 annual pro account)


I have to assume you are already using Dropbox. If you aren’t, you need to get it now. Share files from computer to computer, making it easier to send things to clients, employees or anyone else who has an account. The app lets you access the same files from your phone for easier management. (Free)


Create full notebooks with anything from financial details to cookbooks. You can make pages of information complete with pics, videos or anything else you might need. Then access is quickly using your touchscreen. (Free)


Access your Google Docs account and use it from your mobile phone, no matter where you are. The interface is simple and I have never found any bugs in the app itself. This is another great one for collaborating with people within your business. (Free)

Voice Recorder

Record your notes quickly and accurately with this easy to use voice recorder. This is really basic, so don’t expect a whole lot of features. But if you just need something to take and share dictation, this is a pretty good one. (Free)

Do you know of some good productivity apps we missed? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to provide a link!