Apps for Students

Today, there are millions of mobile applications available in the App Store, ranging from education to entertainment to games to productivity and self-help. At present there is a huge number of student apps available in the market, students will have to do some filtering and choose the most relevant and helpful apps that can assist them in their studies. The combination of the the Apps listed below and the tools for online tutoring has definitely transformed the way of education for the students of this generation.

Here are the free mobile apps that are highly recommended for high school and university students.

1. Evernote

Evernote is suitable for students who are looking for better ways to take notes in class — other than writing notes on paper.

With this app, you can quickly and easily create your own study notes by typing, scribbling, recording and drawing on an online paper. Besides, you can also do several things with your notes:

  • Group the notes into several notebooks
  • Tag important notes as ‘Favorite’
  • Attach photo to the note
  • Set reminder to the note

Platform: iOS, Android,Blackberry, Windows and Desktop.


For students who are taking ‘English as a Second Language ‘ subject, app is the best mobile companion you can ever have!

With this app, you can easily find word definitions, synonyms, antonyms and idioms. You can use this app on-the-go and there is no need for you to take that heavy dictionary with you to school anymore!

Platform: iOS, Android,Blackberry, Windows, Kindle and Desktop.

3. Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder is an app that helps you to automatically search and view a list of free or paid Wi-Fi hotspots in the surrounding vicinity.

Besides that, you may also filter it by category such as restaurant, library or cafe and select it accordingly. This is a great app to have, especially on the day when you decided to do your assignments outside of your campus, far from the range of your school’s Wi-Fi!

Platform: iOS, Android.

4. MyHomework

MyHomework is designed to help students to organize homework, record exam dates and project datelines.

Besides than acting as a planner, it can also be a teaching-learning assistance, as it allows both teachers and students to share class material via the integration feature.

There is also synchronization support, where students can sync and transfer their assignments to other smart devices.

Platform: iOS, Android , Windows, Kindle and Desktop

5. Lose It!

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, Lose It! is the perfect app for students.

With the app, you can monitor your daily calories intake, review the total of money spent on food, count your total hours of sleep and setup your own personal weight loss plan, right from your phone. You can also plan your daily exercise routines and monitor your progress as you go through your plan.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle and Desktop.

6. Calculate My GPA

Long gone are the days when you had to walk to your school office to find out your CGPA for the semester.

Calculate My GPA is a GPA calculator app that tracks student’s credit hours and calculate average GPA points. Since different schools use different grade scales, you may tweak the GPA formula so that the calculation is in accordance to your school’s standard.

Platform: iOS, Android.

7. Camscanner

These days, smart phones are equipped with excellent cameras with high megapixels and HD feature.

CamScanner is taking advantage of the high-quality camera and providing features that allow students to convert images into soft-copy documents.

All you need to do is take a picture of your textbook pages or assignment papers and save it into a PDF file. You can also customize and edit the scanned file as per your preference. Some of the customizations are:

  • Auto-crop image
  • Image quality enhancement

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows.

8. StudyBlue

StudyBlue allows you to insert texts, colourful images as well as audios to make your own flashcards. In the card, you can store word definitions, mathematics formulas and short study notes.

It is definitely a great study tool for students who are studying new languages, taking calculus classes or any subject for that matter.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, Desktop.

9. Mint

For students who are getting monthly allowance and have to independently manage their money, Mint app is a recommended app to have.

It allows you to create financial budgets, track your expenses and record you side-incomes. With all the information stored inside the app, you can learn about your financial standing and use that knowledge to assists you in making financial decisions.

Hopefully, by having all of the mentioned apps above, students can better manage their lives and focus more on their studies!