Many companies have a hard time understanding the use of a mobile strategy. And while this may not feel comfortable, it is our reality. Not many have yet a mobile-online-existence nor a mobile digital strategy. The ones who have such a strategy are far ahead of the competition.

Successful companies have an on-line existence, i.e. a website, web-shop and different social media channels. Some companies use the Internet as their main source of income – most of this is computer friendly information created for desktop/laptop devises.

At the present, people discuss the traditional web as the default and the mobile web as a side note. This, however, will be reversed in the near future. The one desktop computer for each family is rapidly being replaced by the much more personal individual Smartphone for every person. This means that the mobile web will soon be the default language, and instead of saying “mobile-friendly website”, the term “desktop-friendly website” will be coined.

All companies MUST become specialists in understanding the information requirements of customers. A great challenge facing companies in the mobilization process is to create a “mobile existence”. Today, most companies do not have a mobile identity or even a mobile-existence. Go out and get one.

Consumers expect to find information when using the mobile web companies must adapt and make sure their mobile existence meet that expectation.

A business without a mobile strategy is a business without a strategy at all. The mobile web is the standard web.

Size puts large corporations far ahead?

Reflect on all the new titles within large corporations, “Chief Mobile Officer”, “Head of Mobile Strategy” or “Director of Mobility”. Smaller businesses will not be able to, or able to afford, to keep up with the change. This will put large corporations ahead and create a gap.

Small companies with no brand are the potential winners of mobilization yet their budgets do not allow them to follow trough. Large companies are used to follow trends and this will create an even larger competitive advantage for big co-operations.

Mobility is a definite part of society and a part of every company. The mobile segment will be the fastest growing media sector, growing faster than advertising 2012-2016. A huge chunk of the advertising budget will go towards mobile media. Mobile Commerce will be the next big thing, consumers starting to use their mobile devices as wallets. Evolution will not be driven by the hardware developers but by the consumers. Companies MUST be specialists in understanding the information requirements of customers, and how to supply information solutions with high value.

It’s not too late to be one of the first in your sector.
Every company must shift gears and have a mobile strategy, no matter the budget. And while this may not feel comfortable, it is our reality. GO MO(bile) or die.