Typeform Review – The solution gives businesses the opportunity to easily create online forms and surveys for free

Any business that wants to be successful must get feedback from customers, but creating forms can be tricky for the average user. There are so many different tools, but few are easy for both the creator and the respondent.

Typeform simplifies the act of form creation with an online tool that allows businesses to create forms and surveys that work great on a variety of devices. This Typeform review looks at this online survey software‘s ability to create visually appealing, easy-to-use and engaging forms.

Typeform Review – About the Solution

Typeform is a newcomer to the app world, having been created by a team of professionals who wanted online forms that didn’t involve check boxes and radio buttons. The design of Typeform is geared toward drawing customers in and compelling them to answer one question at a time, rather than scaring them off by filling their screen with questions and options.

Main Functionality of Typeform

Like their customers, businesses use Typeform by answering questions. With a variety of templates available, businesses can have forms live on their websites in a matter of minutes. One form works on a variety of screen sizes, letting businesses create one form that works whether a customer is accessing it on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Benefits of Using Typeform

Each form can be branded with a business’s logo and custom backgrounds. With smart notifications, Typeform gives businesses the ability to create customized email notifications and pull detailed metrics that provide information about how customers are interacting with the surveys.

While there are many form creation tools out there, Typeform is unique because a user can create unlimited forms for free. There is no limit on the number of forms that can be created, questions that can be added, or responses that can be collected.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

At first login, a user is invited to get started building a new typeform.

Create a new typeform or select an existing template

After choosing “Build a new typeform” the user is taken to a screen to name the form, select a language for the form, and choose between the Core or Pro plan. The Core plan is free, but the Pro plan is required for email notifications. The Pro plan also adds in “Logic Jump,” which utilizes the answers a user has given to previous questions to direct the questions that are asked next, as well as hidden fields and the option to remove Typeform’s “powered by” branding.

Select the Core or the Pro plan for a survey

Once the user’s choices have been made, clicking “Build it now” kicks off the question creation process. Users can just drag and drop items over to begin creating a form, starting with the welcome screen. Once the user drags an item over, a screen opens to invite the user to input text.

Question creation process

On the welcome screen, users type the text they want to appear above the Start button. The word on the Start button can be edited, and users can add company logos or videos to this screen by moving the toggle switch from Off to On.

Welcome screen setup page

To create a form, choose the type of survey question you’d like to set up first and drag it over.

Below is an example of a multiple choice question setup. Users can choose whether the question is required, if multiple selections are allowed, or whether an “other” option is allowed, which lets the customer type his own answer.

Multiple choice question setup

Once all the questions have been entered, a Thank You screen can be customized to appear at the end. Here, a company can add in photos or videos and link to applicable social media accounts.

Thank you screen setup

With the questions ready, the user can progress to setting up the design of the form by clicking on “Design” at the top of the screen. Here, users can upload an image, choose a background, or choose a theme. Clicking on “Choose a Theme” brings up a variety of theme options in the Themekit. Choosing one previews it on the right.

Different themes are available in the Themekit

Once a survey is complete, clicking on “Distribute” at the top will direct the user to a variety of distribution options. These include the full URL to the form, the ability to open it in a webpage, embedding for webpages, and the option to have help with creating a campaign to promote the Typeform.

Window to set up distribution options

Using the URL, mobile users can take the survey on a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile version of a survey

Support Information

Users needing customer support can search the app’s knowledgebase or submit a support request for personalized assistance.

Pricing Information

The Core version of Typeform is completely free. For only $10, users can by a credit to unlock one full month of the app’s Pro features, which adds the features mentioned above under “Benefits of Using Typeform”. For $25 per month, users get the Pro version of Typeform on a monthly basis, and there is a 20% discount for yearly subscriptions. Team and collaboration features are coming soon.

Typeform Review – The Bottom Line

Typeform gives businesses the opportunity to easily create beautiful, mobile-ready online forms and surveys for free. With the app’s monthly plan, users have the ability to pay for only one month, giving them the flexibility to only pay for advanced features during those times when they’ll be using it most.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 3/5, value 5/5

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