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What Twitter is limiting the number of tweets users can read on a daily basis

Why Elon Musk wants to see a fall in the number of data scrapers and manipulations on the site

What next Verified accounts will be limited to 6,000 reads a day, unverfied accounts 600

Twitter is implementing limitations on the number of tweets users can read per day to address issues of data scraping and system manipulation, according to a post by Executive Chair Elon Musk.

Verified accounts will have a temporary limit of 6,000 posts per day, while unverified accounts will be limited to 600 posts per day.

New unverified accounts will have a limit of 300 posts per day.

Musk mentioned that these reading limitations will soon be increased to 8,000 posts per day for verified users, 800 posts per day for unverified users, and 400 posts per day for new unverified users, but did not provide further details on the timeline for implementation.

Since the ban was enforced, users are reporting issues with the site. The hashtag #twitterdown has received close to 10,000 new posts in the hour before this article was published.

Temporary Emergency Measure

Earlier, Twitter announced that users would need an account to view tweets, which Musk referred to as a “temporary emergency measure.” Musk highlighted the aggressive scraping of Twitter data by numerous organizations, negatively impacting the user experience.

He also expressed concerns about artificial intelligence companies, including OpenAI, using Twitter’s data to train their large language models.

To address these issues, Twitter has taken steps to regain advertisers who left the platform during Musk’s ownership and boost subscription revenue by incorporating verification check marks into the Twitter Blue program.

The new limitations on tweet reading aim to discourage excessive data scraping and ensure a better user experience on the platform.

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