TripScanner Review – A comprehensive business travel management solution, helping employers to track level spending, enforce policy and drive savings. This flexible solution also allows employees to book trips through any website or travel agency

For small and midsize businesses, managing travel costs can be a time-consuming challenge. Many businesses today lack the resources to dedicate toward managing travel, leaving themselves exposed to the risks of over-spending, policy violations, and the inability to locate employees in case of an emergency.

TripScanner automates the process of managing travel costs, allowing employees to book reservations through any website or travel agency, while enabling employers to view reservations, track overall spending, enforce policy, and drive savings all in one place. This TripScanner review will look at the app’s ability to serve as a company’s automated travel manager.

TripScanner Review – About the Company

Founded in 2013, Brooklyn, New York-based TripScanner is an all-in-one business travel management tool that can be deployed across an organization. Employees can book trips through any website or travel agency, while being required to follow a business’s policies. The app also ensures managers are always aware of the activities taking place, with expenditures closely tracked.

Main Functionality of TripScanner

Using a smartphone tablet, laptop or PC, professionals can book flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars on their travel website of choice. The app is also able to search for lower prices each day up until departure. If TripScanner finds a lower price after a trip has been booked, employees will receive an alert, allowing them to re-book and save money.

Benefits of Using TripScanner

Businesses can give employees as much or as little control over their reservation choices through TripScanner. If an organization prefers to go through a travel agency, TripScanner can accommodate that, as well. Employees simply forward their itineraries to the app and it goes to work, finding the best deals on the transportation and lodging needs for the duration of each trip.

Businesses can upload information on preferred suppliers to encourage employees to continue to work with certain airlines, car rental companies, and hotel chains. This allows companies to still enjoy preferred rates while putting booking in the hands of those who will be taking trips.

One of the biggest benefits is seen by businesses themselves, who can use TripScanner’s reporting features to get insight on travel spending as it happens. Traditionally, businesses have been forced to wait 30-45 days for that information by obtaining it through their expense reporting system.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

Initial login takes a user to the screen where business information and account administrators can be set up by choosing options from the left panel.

Account information window

To input preferred providers, click on the link to the left and enter discount codes and associated information for airlines, hotels and other providers.

Setup of preferred suppliers

Businesses can specify alerts for when personnel books outside of the company policy, as well as for other activities.

Alerts regarding company policies

At any point, businesses can see a list of all upcoming trips, which can be searched and filtered for easier viewing.

Upcoming trips filter

With reporting, businesses can easily access information on travel spending for an organization.

Travel spend reporting

The system can send emails to employees to remind them of preferred rates.

Email reminders

Managers can also receive notifications when a trip is booked out-of-policy.

Booking notifications for management

Support Information

TripScanner offers support via email or online support ticket.

Pricing Information

After a 60-day free trial, businesses can use TripScanner for $49 per month. This includes up to 25 itineraries per month, scans for low prices, real-time reports and standard trip alerts. A $99 monthly plan allows up to 100 itineraries, real-time reports, advanced trip alerts, and preferred supplier messaging.

TripScanner Review – The Bottom Line

TripScanner is a comprehensive business travel management solution, allowing employees to book trips through any website or travel agency, while complying with their companies’ travel policies. It also allows the company to keep track of traveling plans and activities, as well as to obtain important savings.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 4/5, value 3/5