Trends to Dominate Enterprise Mobile App Development in 2019

Thriving technology paves the way for revolutionary changes in the enterprise processes. Every now and then, we come across various trends or technological advancements in the domains of wearables, AR, VR, AI, and Blockchain. These trends are integrated in the enterprise mobile apps to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level while addressing the changing requirements effectively.

Here are top ten enterprise mobile app development trends that are set to rule the enterprise mobility domain in 2019 and beyond.

  • Wearables

Wearables are no longer a fashion statement or fitness equipment. Worldwide, enterprises have started to allow their employees to access the company data and apps through wearable devices. Days are not far when the companies will promote the WYOD (Wear Your Own Device) concept. The enterprise app development services need to include wearable app development in the year 2019. Also, the mobile app developers should remain updated about the employee’s usage pattern for wearable devices to make an app with desired features and functionality.

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR technologies have gone beyond gaming in the mobile app development domain. Both AR and VR-based enterprise apps are getting popular among people and sectors like health, reality, and manufacturing remain the biggest beneficiaries of these technologies. From training to visualization of data, AR and VR apps can serve various objectives. What’s more, both AR and VR technologies are yet to explore fully, so we can predict that new features will be added in the enterprise app as these technologies will be streamlined.

  • User Experience

Rich and pleasant user experience is a key to success for any mobile app, and enterprise apps are no exception. This is the reason why entrepreneurs emphasize on the user experience. Now, here the user experience is not limited to the external customers. Companies also consider internal customers or employees. So when entrepreneurs hire mobile app developers, they keep the focus on improving the user experience of internal customers. Enterprises have started believing that the rich UX can bring a higher adoption rate for the enterprise mobile apps.

  • Data Storage and Sharing

Real-time data access is one of the most important objectives of an enterprise mobile app. Today, complex business processes generate zillions of data. It is a big headache for the management to ensure its secure storage and swift access irrespective of time and place Enterprise mobility solution can serve this purpose with ease. Here, the app developers should ensure that the enterprise apps can enable the users to store and access the corporate data in the real time. Along with this, push notifications can be beneficial for the enterprises. We will see more advanced cloud-based features to improve data storage and sharing in coming time.

  • Cross-platform Frameworks

Though enterprise apps are necessity for the modern business, many entreprenerus still sit on the fence due to budgetary constraints and other limitations. It is fact that native apps for Android and iOS cost a small fortune for the companies. There, cross-platform frameworks can remain handy. These platforms enable entrepreneurs to come up with enterprise apps that can readily run across different devices irrespective of platforms like Android or iOS. Developers can leverage these tools or frameworks to create ‘omnichannel’ apps for the enterprises. This trend is going to gain popularity in the coming years.

  • Blockchain

When it comes to offering safe and rapid online transaction, blockchain technology comes handy. Enterprises have already started using this futuristic technology to improve security of online payment processing and smart contracts. We can certainly expect that the blockchain technology will evolve to enhance app authentication and other safety-related features of enterprise mobile apps.

  • AI and Machine Learning

Enterprises have started integrating AI and machine learning. Now, mobile apps can simplify this process and make it more convenient for enterpreneurs. Enterprise mobile app development services have added AI and machine learning technologies for providing a more personalized experience through business logic and data analytics. Chatbots, multilanguage support, etc. are examples of AI integration in the enterprise app domain. The mobile application development company can make the enterprise app more advanced.

  • On-demand Apps

People want on-demand apps for satisfying their needs and booking services on the move. Such apps are capable of generating revenue quickly and help companies build brands. From real-time services to improve customer experience, customized on-demand apps can benefit the business a lot. Interestingly, employees also expect the same experience from their enterprise or work apps. There, the concept of on-demand apps is getting popular in the corporate world. Such apps can offer instant benefits to employees and we can expect that companies will hire enterprise app developers to build on-demand apps for workplace.

  • IoT

The Internet of Things concept impacts a lot in the enterprise sector. Enterprise mobile app developers need to have sufficient insight on this approach for making IoT-enabled apps. The IoT-based apps can connect with sensors and fetch useful data to facilitate enterprises to save time and expenses. Such enterprise apps can also improve workplace security. In the coming years, IoT will penetrate more in the corporate sector, and enterprise mobile apps will also evolve to integrate IoT-related features.

  • Rapid Development

Last but not least. These days, as the demand of enterprise apps are increasing steadily, entrepreneurs now want rapid app development to get the benefit of reduced TTM (Time to Market). In such a scenario, enterprise app developers need to be prepared for building enterprise apps rapidly by using cutting-edge tools and technologies. Rapid development lifecycle becomes a norm for developing enterprise apps.

Though integration of any of these trends can significantly increase the enterprise app development cost, it is fair to mention that eventually, such apps will give a higher ROI and a competitive edge to the enterprises. Simply put, futuristic and feature-rich enterprise apps will come in 2019 and beyond thanks to advancing technology.

As a renowned mobile application development company, we are quick to adopt technological advancements for developing next-gen app solutions. Our team of experienced app developers can assist you to handle growing challenges in the competitive business scenario.