With the advent of touch-sensitive smartphones, the arrival of phones with physical keyboards is gradually moving to a phase of extinction. But besides, there is quite a big user segment who would still love to use smartphones with QWERTY keyboards for messaging and other functions. So, we have gathered a few smartphones with top ratings which should be able to afford you the best typing experience around.

Our rankings are based on the ReviewGist Score  – which combines ratings from expert reviewers from around the web to give you a single quality score from 1 to 100. Further we narrowed down the selection to some of the latest models which support the comfortable QWERTY keyboards.

1. Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II

Galaxy Stratosphere II is a mid-range smartphone offering from Samsung for those of you who require a physical keyboard. Perfectly suitable for messaging, the 4 inch Galaxy smartphone incorporates Super AMOLED technology, the phone doesn’t come with an HD display though. But the phone has got some commendable set of features to prove itself as a competitive model. Stratosphere II, the smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, supports 4G LTE for a fastest internet access. Deploying a dual core processor, Stratosphere II runs the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II tops the list of QWERTY keyboard smartphones with a few competitors in its space.

Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II is fitted with a sliding five-row QWERTY keyboard with well spaced buttons which also includes the navigational shortcut buttons for messaging, searching, web browsing. CNET’s design analysis showcases that the smartphone’s buttons on the hardware keyboard  are graciously spaced and are easy to press while PCMag describes the smartphone as probably the best for keyboarded smartphone. And some of the reviews knock about the sliding of the keyboard being stiff and express that it could have been a lot more smoother.

If you are in need of smartphone with a physical keyboard with an Android experience, Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II is currently the best phone you can afford. But if you also require some solid specifications along with a QWERTY keyboard, it can be said that such phone is yet to be released. Features like 4G LTE network support and dual core processing can make your choice of this QWERT keyboard worthwhile.

2. LG Mach

LG Mach is an Android smartphone fitted with a QWERTY keyboard which was released by the end of last year. The sliding smartphone ships with Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android smartphone system with 4G LTE support and 1.2 GHz dual-core which makes it a competitive model among the midrange Android devices with physical keyboard. Also since it is affordable, LG Mach’s performance may make it a decent choice considering its acceptable specs.

LG Mach sticks to just offering a good keyboard and a great typing experience too. Most reviews have had a few good experiences with Mach’s keyboard. About the keyboard design, CNET states that the snapping mechanism of keyboard is sturdy and slides out easily. PhoneArena acclaims the placement of keys (dedicated number keys included) and adds that the 5 row keyboard is easy to get used to, for quicker and accurate typing.

For its price, LG Mach may be a better choice but if you are ready to spend a few more bucks, you would definitely get some smartphones with standard specifications like better camera and more processor performance.

3. Motorola Photon Q

Motorola Photon Q is a powerful Android smartphone from the manufacturer. With the slide form factor, Photon Q hosts a physical QWERTY keyboard useful for all your typing needs. Photon Q comes with all the premium specifications which most QWERTY smartphones miss out. The senior phone has got a 4.3 inch TFT LCD screen and runs the 4.0.4  version of Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The phone exhibits a promising usability, read on to know what reviews say about the same.

From the view of it, you can say that the Motorola Photon Q’s 5 row physical keyboard which slides in the landscape mode, is quite well designed with adequate room between the keys. A CNET review praises Photon Q’s for its wonderfully designed keyboard and appreciates the aptly backlit bright LEDs. Regarding the keyboard which has a natural layout, A PhoneArena review  indicates that it is very good and quite pleasant to type on.

You can definitely bet on the choice of Motorola Photon Q that it is the best among all the QWERTY smartphone options you have. The reasons being the phone’s respectable design and performance, 4G LTE support, 1080p video capturing capability and on the top of all these: you will get a best typing experience. The phone also provides a slot for memory expandability but may disappoint you with its moderate 8 Megapixel camera and non-removable battery feature.

4. Samsung Galaxy S Relay

Samsung Galaxy S Relay is one of the top contenders in the space of smartphones with physical keyboards. Galaxy S Relay has got some of the performance highlights with an 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The smartphone draws your attention to its 4 inch bright screen which incorporates Super AMOLED technology and partly to its camera too. Like most Samsung phones, Galaxy S Relay too gives you memory expandability and battery replaceability options.

Like Galaxy Stratosphere II, Galaxy S Relay offers nice typing experience with its roomy QWERTY keyboard. And similar to most smartphones with sliding keyboards, Galaxy S relay too hosts a 5 row backlit keyboard. PCMag compares the rubbery keys on Galaxy S Relay’s keyboard with the keyboards of other smartphones like Motorola Photon Q and pronounces that Galaxy S Relay isn’t the best but a better choice. A PhoneArena reviewer feels that the keyboard has a decent build quality.

Samsung Galaxy S Relay is just another acceptable QWERTY keyboarded smartphone, and keyboard and the Android power being the major reasons for you to buy this device. The phone may disappoint you with the camera and its low pixel density screen. So you really have better phones out there if you are ready to pay a little more.

The selection of the top smartphones with QWERTY keyboard, was compiled in June 2013. For the ReviewGist’s present-day list of the best physical keyboarded smartphones, check out the link here. We continuously scan for the newest cellphones being released in the market and our selection of such latest cellphones is complimented with the expert reviews and ratings from various sources around the web.