As mobile technology has become an every day part of modern life (who doesn’t have a smartphone these days?!), it goes without saying that the demand for mobile app developers is extremely high.

Due to this, mobile app development is a really popular career choice for anyone looking to break into the digital industry – from iOS to Android to BlackBerry, if there’s an app that needs developing, you can bet that businesses won’t be short of people to choose from.

But how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd when it comes to landing your perfect app developer job?

Well, here at Bubble we see loads of job adverts every day, and know what the majority of employers are looking for, so we dug into our own data and put together the top 5 skills employers look for in a mobile app developer to help you in your job search!

1) Cross-platform Development

In the mobile app industry, it’s not enough to be skilled in developing apps for one platform – you have to be versatile and able to create any sort of app for any sort of device.

Employers are always on the look-out for candidates that have iOS, Android and BlackBerry coding skills and experience because once an app goes live in the Apple App Store, it’s only a matter of time before users want to be able to purchase it in the Google Play store for Android or on BlackBerry World. So if you’re able to make the app available and functional on multiple platforms, that immediately makes you more appealing to employers!

Also, if you’re looking for a position where you’ll also be developing mobile-friendly websites, having some experience in responsive site development is a massive plus. Even if you’re not, it’s something that will be looked upon favorably by employers.

2) UX/UI Design Skills

When it comes to developing mobile applications, it’s not enough for them to simply work. With millions of apps available to download, your app needs to be easy to use, have a good design and slick usability to really stand out.

That said; it’s no wonder that employers are looking for candidates with good User Experience and User Interface skills as well as the standard app developer requirements to make sure that their apps have the best chance of selling.

Check out some online courses to scrub up on your UX/UI skills or have a look at some of the more successful apps to get an idea of what really works.

apps3) Modern Programming Languages

This point is pretty obvious but it’s still worth pointing out – a key skill that employers look for in their mobile app developer candidates is a firm grasp of and experience of modern programming languages.

Familiarity with front end development and a good understanding of modern programming languages like PHP, Java, HTML5 and C#, as well as the likes of Adobe Flash Lite, Python and Objective C is really important to employers, and having experience of working with more than one of these languages will stand you in good stead when it comes to applying for these roles.

Also look at more niche languages such as Apple’s own Xcode development language as this could really set you apart from other candidates.

4) Agile Methodologies Experience

If you’re interested in a career in mobile app development, chances are you’re familiar with agile methodologies, but there are some people who might be in the dark, so let me first explain what this is.

Agile is a group of software development methods that are based on a continued stream of solutions created through strong collaboration between cross-functional and self-organizing teams.

It’s the most common method of working in the mobile app industry, so if you’ve got experience of working in this sort of environment, then you’ll have a good chance of impressing the hiring manager or recruiter.

5) Computing/Computer Science Degree Or Equivalent

While an academic qualification is not always required when it comes to mobile app development jobs, we’ve certainly seen more and more employers asking for some sort of computing or computer science qualification in their job descriptions.

Whether that be a degree, NVQ or an online course, making sure you have some sort of relevant qualification on your CV won’t do any harm when it comes to applying for jobs – it shows that you’re dedicated and are officially trained in this area of work.

However, if you don’t have a professional qualification – don’t panic! If you have enough practical experience, and perhaps a couple of apps already in the App Store, you should be able to prove to the hiring manager or recruiter that you really know your stuff.

So there we go, the top 5 skills employers look for in a mobile app developer! Don’t forget, if you’re looking for an app developer job, you can find all of our live vacancies here.

Do you think these skills make up the perfect Mobile App Developer or are there any others you would have added? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @BubbleJobs! :)