It has been predicted that by the year 2016, the number of app downloads will reach over 211 billion, and 254 billion in 2017. So you can be rest assured that the app market displays no signs of stopping in many more upcoming years. Even with a huge user base with thousands of devices being in circulation, there are a lot of app developers or app development companies that wish to create the next best mobile app in the market, but are unable to do that. Most of the new apps that are developed gain very little or no traction and the mobile app startups fail quickly.

Mobile App Startups Fail

It is extremely vital to know and understand the factors which cause this to happen in order that an app developer or app development firm can keep it in mind before developing his next mobile app.

1. Poor App Designing
According to some statistics, “Around 8% of all app submissions on different operating systems (OS) such as windows, android, ios, etc., fail or are rejected only because they have a very poor design. Essentially, poor designing means the app not being able to make a huge impact as big as it thought it would as a result the app gets discarded quickly and fails miserably.

Keep in mind for a successful and well-designed app, a proper user interface, careful placing of buttons, high image resolution and supreme user experience required.

2. Neglecting The Competition
Generally, mobile app startups are suggested to focus on their own thing rather than getting disturbed by the competition. However, this can be taken so far, evidently. Ignoring your competition was a recipe for catastrophe in 20% of startup failures. So, do not ignore your competitors, but try to know what they are doing or what not in making their app and marketing it. Besides, you have to work more on your mobile app, which is not easy as plenty of competition out there. Most competitors have access to analytics, which help them strategize better, and this is why you will need to focus on the basics first to make sure that you’re on the right track.

3. Lack Of Capital
Having only 90% of the needed capital to start your business is not enough, but you need 100%. In spite of multiple approaches and personifications in chase of the ever elusive product-market fit, Flud sooner or later ran out of money. The core of what killed Flud was shared by 26% of the startups in most of the surveys. So, it is important to plan ahead and allocate money and time wisely. You don’t want the runway to end earlier the startup idea has time to reach its rising point.

4. Slowness in App Launching or Launching Too Early
Do you know that 90% Of mobile application Startups Fail because they launched their mobile app too late or too early? Software and apps developers have a hard time getting software or application done. It’s built-in to the medium, and software is always 85 to 90% done. App startups make all types of excuses for delaying their app launch, and most of them are like to the ones people use for procrastinating in day to day life. For example, it is something that needs to happen first, then we will do this, maybe, etc. On the other hand, launching to early is forces you to finish some quantum of work. Bear in mind that launching too slowly has killed a hundred times more startups in compared to launching too fast. It is possible to launch too early, but the risk here is that you ruin your business reputation as you launch something, the early users try it out, and found its not good than they are not going to come again or never.

5. Improper App Marketing Strategy
Mobile app marketing plays a very important role in taking your business to great heights regardless of what kind of business you are into. Failing to own a powerful marketing strategy will result in your product or service to fail irrespective of how good it is. Most of the mobile app startups that fail to often use all their resources in developing and executing the app, but completely miss the marketing process which in turn makes the app fail in a short time.

With the boom in the social network nowadays, there are a lot of marketing tools that mobile app startups can take advantages of, for example, Facebook, Twitter and even Email marketing. However, many businesses still do not know how to use such tools to support their mobile app and so failing to possess and powerful and well-designed marketing plan can lead to the failure in products & services.

Changes in the middle of the development process, Poor Management Team, Too early to market, Starved of customer feedback, Product Problems, Heavy Reliance On Debt Funding, etc. are some reasons that Mobile App Startups Fail.

These are 5 main reasons why mobile app startups fail. However, following these points does not guarantee success because there are there are a lot of factors that may tip the scales against you. But that’s business, and keep moving on with keeping these things in mind, will definitely increase your chances for success in the mobile market.