If you are still tossing around the idea of creating a mobile app for your business, it is time to take action. Why now? Mobile applications are vital to increasing your online visibility and customer engagement, among other factors, and not having an app can hurt your business’ growth. Another very good reason — your competitors probably have a mobile app too.

Mobile apps are no longer for the big global brands. In fact, applications are being launched by even the smallest startups. According to a Clutch press release, “Fifty-five percent (55%) of millennial-owned businesses have a mobile app, compared to 13% of small businesses owned by baby boomers.”

And the top three reasons for app development and launch by Millennial small business owners are to net and engage with more customers, get a competitive advantage, and increase sales.

From the coffee shop on the corner to your gym, there is an app for that. But what about your business? Yes, building an app isn’t easy. In fact, ISBX makes note of the five crucial aspects needed for mobile application development. But having an app for your business is definitely worth the upfront development pains and cost.

To further the point, let’s take a deeper look at five business critical reasons a mobile app is a must-do.

1. Mobile Apps Create More Value for Customers

Business owners are always told to push the value proposition of the business, whether online or in a potential investor meeting. What can create more value for your business? A mobile app. Why? Because you are literally putting your products and/or services in your customers hands.

Try to imagine all the mobile apps you use daily. Maybe you are watching a series during your morning commute via Netflix, or even connecting with your favorite Instagram trainer. This is all possible via apps, and you can add value to your customers in the same way by having one as well.

2. Apps Increase Online Visibility for Your Business

Did you know that adults in the US spend around 3.35 hours per day on a mobile device? According to eMarketer, that is an increase of over 10 minutes from 2017. Mobile is also expected to surpass TV this year for most minutes of attention. This makes mobile apps important for any business hoping to get more eyes on their brand, product, and/or service.

The number of mobile app downloads is expected to reach 250+ billion by 2022 . . .

This statistic is a clear indicator that mobile apps are not going anywhere anytime soon. And having an app for your business can increase online visibility, but also boost customer lifetime value.

3. You Have a Direct Marketing Channel When Utilizing a Mobile App

Mobile apps allow businesses to open lines of communication with customers that previously was done via email marketing campaigns, or traditional direct mail. However, with a mobile app, you get a direct marketing channel to your customers anytime you want.

For example, a mobile app can deliver information on new products, new app features, discounts and giveaways, and much more to your target audience and users. Push notifications help keep direct marketing channels open. In fact, push notifications increase user engagement by 88 percent with 65 percent of app users returning within 30 days of receiving a push notification.

4. Mobile Apps Improve Customer Engagement

Having the ability to improve customer engagement in any business process is critical to your growth and success. Mobile apps simply make that a bit easier. What is better than having a way on your customers’ mobile devices to instantly reach you. This is what makes mobile apps so unique for businesses.

And not only can customers easily engage with your business, but they will also get a better customer experience due to the information you have already collected about your customers via the application. For instance, if you are a local restaurant, your app customers could schedule a reservation within a few quick taps without entering any information at all. It is a definite win-win!

5. Customer Loyalty Increases Exponentially

Building customer loyalty is an important way to ensure your business continues to grow. This is because most loyal customers will not only come back to your business and make more purchases, but will be more than happy to share your brand, products, and/or services with friends, family, and even coworkers.

And guess what? Mobile apps provide an advantage for gaining customer loyalty. In fact, 73 percent of mobile users are more likely to access loyalty rewards via an app.

If you have yet to make customer loyalty a priority, it may be time. “Because of our loyal customers, we are able to drive even more sales and connect even more brands with our international consumer base,” Gil Elias, CEO of American Outlets explained.

Wrapping Up . . .

The benefits of launching a mobile app for your business are certainly undeniable. The above five are not the end-all critical reasons a mobile app is a must-do but among the most important. If you have been on the fence about an app for your business, it is probably time to get started, especially if your competitors have one available for Android or iTunes already. How has a mobile app increased your business’ growth and success? We want to hear from you.

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