With more and more people turning to their mobile devices for information, the doors have been opened for brands to create mobile marketing campaigns. Whether it be a car advertisement interrupting an intense Words with Friends game or a coffee shop ad popping up during a Google search on your smart device, mobile marketing can be an excellent addition to an integrated marketing campaign – if done right. Check out this list of the top 5 brands who have mastered the art of mobile marketing:

1. Lynx

Staying true to their risqué forms of advertising, Axe in Uruguay (AKA Lynx), developed a mobile marketing campaign that engaged users in a very creative way. Users had to use their mobile devices to complete a picture of an advertisement, which featured a beautiful model with certain body parts cut out. Users were instructed to text “Axe” to a phone number to reveal the missing body parts. This fun campaign engaged the brand’s male demographic and used sex appeal to encourage them to get involved.


2. Starbucks

The popular coffee shop known for its rejuvenating lattes and finger-licking scones has used mobile marketing to its benefit in a number of ways. Starbucks launched a Mobile Card payment system. After downloading the Mobile Card application to their smartphone, Starbucks addicts load money onto their card, go into their nearest Starbucks and have the barista simply scan the barcode on the screen of the phone. With this creative marketing technique, Starbucks is “a leader in mobile payments, processing over 1 million mobile payments a week,” according to Optimism.

3. Chapstick

In an effort to hit the mobile scene, Chapstick ran a mobile marketing campaign within the Pandora music application. The audio and mobile banner ad directs users to the brand’s Facebook page, encouraging them to ‘Like’ the page. This furthers the relationship between Chapstick and its consumers. This creative mobile marketing campaign also keeps fans up to date on products and company news.

4. Lionsgate

No stranger to the mobile marketing world, Lionsgate used a mobile marketing campaign to promote their popular movie, “The Hunger Games.” The ad was placed within the iPhone Moviefone application and encouraged users to follow the movie on Facebook for exclusive trailers, show times, and more. The key to this ad was placing it within the Moviefone application. If moviegoers are already in the application, this indicates that they’re looking for movies to go see, and with “The Hunger Games” advertisement popping up, it directs their attention to that particular film.

5. HBO

HBO implemented an innovative and slightly freakish mobile marketing campaign to promote the True Blood television series. While moviegoers browsed films on the Flixster or Variety applications, bloody fingerprints popped up wherever they tapped. Dripping blood scoured from the top of the screen and a pop-up to watch a trailer for HBO’s True Blood was at the bottom of the ad. According to 60 Second Marketing, this advertisement alone increased viewership by 38% .

Successful mobile marketing takes time to create, design, and implement. These top brands have done it just right.

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