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Working in sales is never an easy task. It’s a short-term game where you’re only as good as your last month’s sales figures. It doesn’t take much for everything to come crashing down. Anyway, with that cheery prospect out of the way, let’s move to how you can prevent it. Apart from being utterly fantastic at your job, there are a number of apps specifically targeted at those who work in sales. They can make you more productive and they can increase the number of features you have in your arsenal. We’re going to take a look at some of them now.

  1.       GoToMeeting

This is a web conferencing tool that can help you get into online meetings wherever you are. You can also view presentations and reports whilst at work. This is ideal for highly mobile salespeople who’re rarely in one place for long. The app for phones and tablets is free, but on PCs and Macs there are fees attached.

  1.       CamCard Lite

Salespeople will see hundreds of business cards every year. Rather than carrying them all around with you, you can save the information using CamCard Lite. This app reads business cards and saves the contact information. You can also synchronise the information with your phone’s address book. You’ll be amazed at how accurate this app is.

To make it even better, you can use it to group contacts, add notes to individuals, and search LinkedIn for their profiles. All without keeping hold of a single piece of card.

  1.       Square

Square is an app that lets you make sales at the point of contact. Forget giving someone a call in a few days. You can make a sale on the spot because Square can scan credit and debit cards. It accepts payments on behalf of all the major card providers, such as Visa and American Express. At a flat rate fee of 2.7% per transaction, this makes it one of the most cost-effective apps for accepting payments on the go.

Make sure that your company supports the use of Square before downloading the app. Remember the transaction fee and whether your company wants to stomach it!

  1.       Keynote

Presentations are a salesperson’s best friend. With the power of mobile technology, putting together interactive presentations has never been easier. The Keynote app from Apple can help you do this by allowing you to use ’09 and Microsoft PowerPoint. When you’re ready to share your presentation, plug your mobile device into a projector or a HDTV and press the full-screen view. You can now show off your presentation without the need for USB memory sticks and laptops.

  1.       DocScan

You’ll come across any number of important documents in your daily life. This is the same for any professional these days, whether you’re a secret agent or a humble secretary. As a salesperson, you may need to retain important information. Unless you have a scanner with you all the time, you may well have to rely on the grey matter in your head. Instead, use DocScan.

This highly accurate app easily records information from your mobile device. You can save large documents and upload them to either Dropbox or Google Docs. When you get back to your computer, you can retrieve these documents and save them as zip files or PDFs.

It’s so easy to do it because it relies entirely on your mobile device. Think of it as like taking a screenshot through your camera.

These are just some of the useful apps for salespeople on the market today. Be on the lookout for device specific apps for even more choices!