It’s time to move your mobile lead generation strategy to the front of the line. Understanding the differences between mobile and desktop become more crucial with each passing day, as mobile adoption overtakes desktop. While some companies are still reliant on a desktop first, mobile second strategy, the vanguard of marketers are moving toward a mobile only plan.

It makes sense. When a consumer can fit the entire world in his pocket, a desktop computer becomes an option, not a necessity. It’s time for lead generators to design mobile friendly forms. Here are three tips to maximize your mobile marketing campaign.

Shorter Forms

There’s nothing more frustrating to the consumer than being confronted with countless miniature rectangles when a desktop form is viewed on mobile. And frustration leads to abandonment. The competition is getting smart about mobile, and the consumers will follow. Don’t be left in the desktop dust.

Ask for Less

Data makes everyone’s job easier. There are many ways to extrapolate information and reduce the number of form fields the customer must fill manually. For example, you can ask for just a zipcode, and the city and state can be autofilled. You can verify addresses with a tool that checks IP address and shows matches or mismatches.

Smarter Targeting

The mobile platform allows you to get very specific information on prospects. User data derived from smartphone apps is much richer and more specific than the data you can get from cookies on desktops. This means you can target your campaigns to highly likely candidates, rather than casting a very wide net in the hope that you’ll catch a few live ones.