Farmers aren’t always known for being on the cutting edge of technology. Although they have used larger, enterprise farm software solutions for a long time, with the growth of the smartphone industry, the farming and agricultural industries are getting a technological make over. By using mobile technology farmers are able to become more data-focused, efficient and informed (in real time) of changes to regulations, their crops and their machinery.

So without further ado, here is a list of the 10 best apps for the farming and agriculture industry.


A multi-user software solution that allows users to take advantage of GIS (geographic information system) data and GPS technology so they can create data collection templates to track crop quality, estimated yields, food safety inspections, field spray management, employee timesheets and more.

Farm Manager

Designed by farmers for farmers, Farm Manager allows farmers to easily record cropping, livestock and machinery procedures. Users can record the full history of crops (i.e. where they were sown to where they were harvested), record chemical and fertilizer use, track livestock and keep track of machinery maintenance. It also allows them to link photos to their data.

JD Link

Created by John Deere, JD is a powerful tool to monitor your fleet of equipment. It provides alerts and machine information like location, directions, utilization, performance and maintenance data.

Farm Forum

Farm Forum provides Case IH news about farm equipment, agriculture trends; and offers a forum where agriculture producers can share experiences to help producers better manage their farming operations.

The Weather Channel

Knowing what the weather brings is naturally of great importance for the farming and agriculture community. The Weather Channel app provides the most accurate weather forecasts of any weather app and is a must have tool for the farmer’s arsenal.

DTN/The Progressive Farmer: Agriculture News

An agriculture information app for the iPad, The Progressive Farmer displays weather, agriculture headlines, and commodity market prices all on one screen in a user-friendly manner.


This app is a social media platform for farmers and ranchers to connect and share information about their farming operations, such as best practices. Within the app farmers and ranchers can create a profile, ask and answer questions, upload photos and access the latest commodity markets and weather conditions.

Agriculture Regulations (Title 7 Code of Federal Regulations) 

The Agriculture Regulations app gives farmers instant access to regulation references. Within the app, users are able to bookmark regulations that pertain to their specific operations, a critical issue for farmers, due to the massive number of government and industry regulations that have to follow.


YieldCheck provides growers with an easy way to calculate and store corn yield estimates. Users can organize estimates based on client, farm and field and can see all of their estimates on a map with satellite imagery.


Winner of the Best Mobile App award from TechCrunch, Mashable and the Webbys, Evernote is the must-have app for anyone, including those in the farming and agriculture business. It helps you remember everything across all the devices you use, so that you can stay organized, save all those little ideas you have throughout the day, and improve productivity. Whether it’s notes, to-do lists or recorded voice reminders, Evernote has got you covered.

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