Whether it’s just for basic protection or to enhance your style, as well as powerful tool to express your personality, the iPhone cases are becoming pretty much essential accessory for every user.

2015 was the year, when the latest model of the world’s most popular smartphone family, the iPhone 6S was introduced. It enjoyed great media coverage and as usual attracted loads of attention from shoppers all over the world. Now, when millions hold in their hands the latest iPhone, I think it’s about time to showcase the top 10 best iPhone 6S cases for 2015 so far:

Moshi SenseCover

Moshi SenseCover

One of the main downsides of some iPhone 6S cases is that they actually make it quite hard to check the date and time, something we do pretty often. The Moshi SenseCover solves the problem with its touch-sensitive cover. You will never need to open the case to check date and time, as well as taking phone calls!

LifeProof Fre

LifeProof Fre

During our everyday lives, we, as well as our smartphones are exposed to dust, water, snow and dirt. Combine that with the risk of drops and the picture starts to look very dark, if not for you, at least for your smartphone. The best way to protect it against these everyday life risks is with the LifeProof Fre case. It’s certified to resist all risks mentioned above, as well as provide you with all the functionality you need to use your device on daily basis.

Duo Armour Protection Series

Duo Armour Protection Series

There are some smartphone users, who are capable of damaging even the toughest iPhone cases out there. If this is you, the best choice is the Duo Armour Protection Series, which provides military grade protection and at the same time gives you all the comfort you need to use your device on daily basis.

Ballistic Jewel iPhone 6S

Ballistic Jewel

If you are looking for an iPhone 6S case made from the most durable materials and ensuring maximum protection against drops, the Ballistic Jewel is your top choice. With reinforced walls and six-sided drop protection technology it’s bound to withstand even the harshest falls!

Duo Tough Extreme Series

What makes the Duo Tough Extreme Series different from other iPhone 6S cases available on the market is the polycarbonate frame, incredibly durable shockproof shell made from thermoplastic polyurethane and responsive buttons, which all help showcase that durable smartphone cases can actually look beautiful!

Ultra-Thin BumperLicious

If you are looking for basic, yet stylish iPhone 6S case, the Ultra-Thin BumperLicious is your best choice. Made from highly durable thermoplastic polyurethane, soft on the edges, while harder on the back, the Ultra-Thin BumperLicious will protect your device against all possible threats, while at the same time showcasing its stylish design!

ITG Level

Made from materials bale to withstand force of 810G, the ITG Level is without doubt one of the most durable iPhone 6S cases available on the market today. The light texture on the sides, as well as the button covers allow maximum comfort when using the device. With four color variations the ITG Level case is best for people looking to get the very basics!

Luxury Pocket Book

There are many iPhone 6S cases, which provide wallet functionality, but I have to admit the one that got my attention is the Luxury Pocket Book. It’s so elegant, yet practical that it’s pretty much an essential tool in the life of the busy business person. The hand polished wood cradle and the fine American leather used to manufacture this incredible case will definitely appeal to even the most pretentious taste. In addition to its exquisite design and features, the Luxury Pocket Book also comes with 30 day money back guarantee and 25 years warranty for the leather materials!

Belkin Classic Folio

If your iPhone 6S case is also a fashion accessory to complement your outfit, the Belkin Classic Folio is everything you need. You can easily organize your credit cards and licenses, as well as personal notes with this particular case, so it’s definitely practical, as well as good looking. When it comes to protection the Belkin Classic Folio has it all in store – from scratch to drop protection, you can rest assured that your smartphone will survive unharmed!

Case-mate Sheer Glam

The Case-mate Sheer Glam is inspired by shimmering jewelry and the effect is achieved via transparent, glossy surface with stunning depth of color. Besides trendy the Case-mate Sheer Glam also provides basic protection for your device.

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