Smartphones and mobile devices have certainly changed the way individuals live and work in a number of important ways. There are literally thousands of apps that have been designed for these devices, and these apps can do everything from entertain you with mind-numbing games to help you redecorate your home.

If you are involved in the real estate industry as a builder or developer, you will be pleased to learn that there are several important apps that have been developed to help you make your job easier to do. With a closer look at these apps, you may find that some of these are apps that you simply cannot live without.


This is an affordable application that is available for download on the iPad, iPhone, Android and other devices. The topography of a specific plot of land is critical to developers who want to know more about the potential cost and time associated with building on it. However, simply looking at the land from the side of the road is often not feasible because of the vegetation. This app provides developers with the ability to access topography maps with ease.



When you need to get an accurate measure of a certain area of land, the Geo-Measure app provides you with the opportunity to obtain data using satellite imagery. This can be used to determine how many acres are on a plot of land, the dimensions of a building and more. This information can then be used to help you calculate the cost of materials that will be needed to complete a project. This app is available for Android, iPad and iPhone devices.

GeoMeasure for iPhone

Geo Elevation

The Geo Elevation app is an innovative app that allows you to view the topography of a certain area of land while also viewing an elevation chart. The ability to see a cross-section of the land can help you to more accurately pinpoint the contours of the land. This can be useful for working on projects that require slight adjustments to the contour of the land as well as major projects, such as digging out an area of land for a basement. This product is available for Apple and android products.

Geo Elevation App for iPhone and iPad

Easy Measure

This is another measurement app that can benefit homebuilders significantly. It allows you to measure the distance from the location of the phone to any other point. The app can be used for outdoor applications, such as measuring the distance between two landmarks. It can also be used indoors, such as measuring the distance from one wall to another wall. Because of its many varied uses, you will find that this is an app that most professionals will benefit from using. This app is available for free for iPad and iPhone users to use.




This free application is suitable for Apple and android users. It is often used by developers who want to learn more about existing home values in the area. You simply have to upload a picture of a home that is listed for sale in the local MLS, and the app will provide you with comparable sales data, square footage and more for that home.

Homesnap for iPhone

Construction Cost Estimator

This is a very detailed app that offers innovative features and functions for developers to use during the planning stage of a project. The developer simply has to input various features and details about the project as well as estimates from subcontractors. The app compiles all of the data for you, and it creates a fully detailed proposal that compiles all of the information for you. An upgraded form of this product uses data from various cost books.

Project Planner HD

This app is designed specifically for the iPad rather than a smartphone, but developers who bring their iPad to work with them will have access to the innovative features in this app. It allows developers to streamline the management of multiple projects at the same time. Busy developers will love the fact that this app helps them to stay on top of the status of their projects and to keep them progressing as scheduled.

ProjectPlannerHD App for iPad


PlanGrid is a free app that is available for iPhone and iPad users. It allows you to upload your blueprints to the device so that you do not have to bring them along with you to the worksite. More than that, different parties involved in the project can collaborate with changes and updates through the app, and this ensures that all parties are on the same page with the blueprints and are always using the right plans.

PlanGrid App for Viewing Plans on the iPad


This is a convenient application that builders and developers can use to measure dimensions of a space based only on a photographic image. This can be used to make demonstrations to clients or to ensure accuracy of your own measurements or measurements that one of your staff members took in the field.

iHandy Carpenter

This is a very affordable app that is designed for both Apple and android devices, and it essentially turns your device into a multi-purpose carpentry tool. With this app on your device, you will have access to a surface level, a bubble level, a plumb bob, a protractor and a ruler. It can help you to reduce the number of tools that you have to carry around, and it can ensure that you are always prepared even if you forget your tool belt.

These are only a few of the many applications that have been designed for mobile device use. Whether you have an iPhone or android device or you prefer to work on your an iPad or tablet, you will find that each of these applications and others that you can download may benefit you in different ways. Some apps perform similar functions, so you may consider exploring the different formats of similar apps to find the ones that you are most comfortable using.

This article was written with help of Beechwood Homes, home building experts from Long Island, NY.

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