Christmas Apps

With the holidays upon us it’s only right that we bring you some holiday apps to enjoy. Some are meant to be helpful; some are just a lot of fun. There’s sure to be an app below that matches what you’re looking for!

Red Stamp

If you’re lucky enough to have tech savvy family and/or friends, this app can be a great time and money saver for you this holiday season. You can use it to create wondrous greeting cards on your phone and send them to the desired recipient. There are a ton of templates to choose from and even more for purchase by simply browsing the app’s store. If your friends and family don’t mind, or prefer, e-cards, then I highly suggest you snag this app on your Android or iOS device.

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker Christmas App

This app is great for adults and children alike. It counts down the time left until Christmas, unlocking various minigames each day until Santa takes off the night before Christmas. After takeoff you can use the app to track Santa as he ventures forth around the world delivering presents.

Christmas Music

What Christmas would be complete without a few Christmas themed tunes? This app allows you to browse and download thousands of Christmas songs for free legally. Everything from traditional carols to new songs are listed and you can even share song recommendations to your friends on Facebook.

Angry Birds Christmas appAngry Birds Seasons

When’s the last time you played Angry Birds? Jump back into the game with the Seasons version that comes with tons of new levels all decked out in holiday themes. It’s the same gameplay you originally got addicted to way back when; it’s just a bit more festive. Download it for free on Android or for $1 on iOS devices.

There you have it; everything from greeting card creation to tracking Santa’s journey. There are also a ton of other app options out there, so don’t forget to browse your device’s store to see what’s available this holiday season.