Well, the minute we start talking about mobility in sales, catalog app is what comes to our mind. If we give it a couple more seconds, presentations, route maps etc. will queue up in the list. And eventually the thoughts on how mobile apps improve customer interaction and upselling opportunities would hog our minds.

Is that all?


What is missing in the current mobility innings?

Sales has successfully adopted mobile apps for presentations, customer interactions, data capture, etc. But something that distinguishes Sales as a function is the extent of collaboration it demands. Got a clue on the missing piece?

Integrated mobile apps for sales! Here you get to choose your workflows, control the extent of collaboration and tap the innate features of smartphones for better efficiency.

For example, my sales person Mike is always on the road. He gets notified about a lead on his smartphone while in the field. The location of the prospect is delivered to him in the form of a route map, taking advantage of the map and GPS capabilities of the smartphone, along with all other information. So Mike knows his driving routes and researches on the prospect on his smartphone while on the go. Instead of using a cookie-cutter presentation, he prepares a custom presentation for the prospect with the help of his marketing / business teams.

As Mike meets his prospect, he is able to deliver an interactive presentation and narrate some live examples. Mike could also avail his technical team and instantly interface them with his prospect for technical clarifications. His smartphone enables him to demonstrate his value proposition and create instant quotation based on the inputs from his prospect. The data Mike captures using his smartphone is instantly transferred to the backend CRM.

Technically, an integrated mobile sales app can push a meeting that was supposed to be an introductory one through many levels higher, depending on the interest of the prospect. Here, Mike isn’t depending on multiple apps for routing, data capture, presentation or creating quotation. He doesn’t have to refer to multiple apps for information related to a prospect either. One integrated mobile app lets Mike track all the activities related to a prospect. Moreover, it avoids the time delays that happen in the communication since everyone is in loop, the marketing team would know the status of the lead and the business team would know what they are expected to deliver.

This was just one example. Likewise, there is scope for every organization to leverage the true potential of integrated mobile sales apps and revamp the way they function.

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