As new technologies emerge, it seems we have an amazing ability to incorporate them into our daily lives and quickly forget what it was like before they came along. But every so often a statistic or piece of research comes along to remind us just how big an impact technology is having on our lives.

A recent infographic from PC Housing provides just such a reminder.

The infographic focuses on the use of mobile devices amongst business travelers and provides amazing – you might even say shocking – data on just how reliant we are becoming on the “computers that we carry around with us”.

Among the more surprising items was the fact that business travelers carry with them an average of three devices while traveling, with the most common combination being a laptop, tablet and smartphone. One in five check their Facebook account before even getting out of bed, while almost two-thirds said they would feel “disoriented, distraught or lonely” without the use of their smart phone for one week. Indeed, business travelers are hyper-connected to their devices, checking their smart phones alone an incredible 34 times per day.

While this portrait of mobile use is interesting on its own, the important point is that these numbers give us a glimpse into where our customers are headed, and it forces us to look closely at how ready we are for this change.

Do we have a mobile-optimized web presence? Should we consider creating an app to reach more customers or communicate with current customers?

One thing is clear, the trend toward mobile isn’t going to change, and as marketers we need to have answers to these questions – and fast – to continue to reach customers successfully.

What Next:

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What about you? Do any of these statistics surprise you? Have you incorporated mobile into your marketing mix? Please share your thoughts below!