If you try to sell an app without a demo app already built, you are making a HUGE mistake! Please don’t be lazy or over-confident if you want to be successful selling Mobile Apps!

Now I know that is a lot of exclamation points but that is because the previous three sentences are super important.

These points are also important:

What is a demo app?

An opportunity for you to show a prospect what an app can look like for their business. The most meaningful sales tool that we have in our arsenal. You still need flyers, business cards, websites and stuff but the demo app at the beginning of the app selling process provides you with CREDIBILITY that you can’t get any other way. We have had no more than 2 people out of 800 ask us if we were members of the Better Business Bureau and those 2 were just looking for a way to say NO anyway.

What is included in a demo app?

My minimum requirements are banner/logo at the top, 1-5 pictures fading in and out, and 10 plus tabs. This is your opportunity to show what you have and you never know what is going to get a customer excited so I like to include bunches of tabs and if they buy, then we just have to go thru the tabs and add & delete tabs to get to our finished product.

What about using BA Demos, i.e. Tacolicious or other people’s Apps?

We have certainly used these but nothing takes the place of creating a demo yourself and showing it. Realistically if you use a demo that was created by BA or another Reseller, you run the risk of the customer telling you that they want changes to things that you never created in the first place…uh oh! When getting started, you may not have a choice, but once you have been out to see 5 or 10 businesses, if you are making your own demos, you won’t need to use anyone else’s demos/apps because you will have your own.

Does it ever get easier?

YES! The nice thing once you have made several apps for an industry is that you have to opportunity to “DUPLICATE” an existing app or demo instead of starting from scratch. So if you are calling on Pizza Restaurants, Hair Salons and Tattoo Parlors, you will find that the logo, colors, website, social media and pictures change but everything else remains the same. It is the fastest way to create a demo app is to duplicate and then just switch out the logo, colors, pictures, phone number, address, websites and social media. That is the best way to make a demo in 10 to 15 minutes!

Can I get someone else to make my demos?

When we first got started we went to a website that is now called and we searched for and found talented designers who had experience with the BA platform. We hired a few designers from the Philippines and had them build 25 demos for businesses that were around town just so we could prove that we could build an app. We learned an awful lot during that time and it gave us local examples to show prospects. What was funny was that people would look at the practice demos and make assumptions that we were working with those businesses. It gave us a lot of credibility when we hadn’t even gotten started and didn’t even have our first customer! The money you spend is dependent on the designer but they spend roughly an hour and make us a Demo! Then we can go in and make final changes and if we need more design work we can get them to do it. Bottom line is before we knew how to do the graphics in Photoshop, we would farm out the demo and design work and pay the designer but we would do the rest and PUBLISH!

Does a Demo need to be perfect?

Not-At-All! It is a sales tool. So if I go to show a demo that has the correct business info on the front page but has the wrong Facebook, address, phone number and about us info, it is not a problem! Instead I would say, this is where your Facebook will go, this is where your info will go, etc. The same way a car salesman will show you a blue car even though you are buying a red car.

What is the most important reason to use a demo app?

If the customer buys the app, you have the demo as a starting point. This is where you want to be when selling the app. Without a demo, you are asking your customer to “Dream Up” what they want in the app. Then when you can’t give them what they dreamt of, you are out of luck! So it is best to have parameters and that is accomplished using a demo app. It really helps to make a confusing process go much smoother!

Happy Selling!