It is essential to see mobile as a concept rather than a device. Users love being connected from anywhere, anytime whether it’s through their tablet, mobile phone, or smartwatch. These devices give them access to content providers, and control over their assets and of course a fun getaway when needed. You simply cannot ignore the power of mobile in this day and age.

Learning From The Past

In the 90s when the internet hit, financial markets got excited, yet there were indeed skeptical business leaders who were cynical about the impact of this medium and hence did not react nor invest. Flash forward a few years and companies dominating the business world are online – Amazon, eBay, Netflix, Expedia- offline activity has made its way online and the trend isn’t going anywhere.

Right now we are experiencing another shift- this time it’s from desktop to mobile. This transition is happening at an impressive speed- and is beginning to make noise in every single industry. Now is the time to gear yourself up for mobile before it’s too late.

A Global Thing

Unlike the shift to online that started in the USA and then gradually hit out, this mobile trend is growing massively in many countries worldwide. Instagram for example is booming across China, Turkey, UK and throughout the entire world. People are switching on to the reach mobile tech can offer.

More Engagement

Engagement levels are strong on this platform. End users can interact on the go, wherever they are and are not restricted to being behind a desktop screen. GPS can also be factored in to deliver a stronger UX which in turn will boost engagement levels. All these factors turn content that was once read scrolling down a PC monitor into digestible chunks of information that can be consumed on the go.

Emotional Ties

Research has proven time and again that people have emotional connections with their smartphones- a lot more so than any other electrical device. Leading companies and content publishers everywhere should be realizing this and making their sites as mobile friendly as possible.

Mobile is currently thriving. At CodeFuel we recognize this and tailor our products accordingly. We understand that users are switching over to mobile and this trend will only grow stronger. We make sure our products are optimized for mobile and our analytics platform has incredible mobile functionality. We’re in the middle of a mobile revolution- make sure that you’re part of it.