corporate mobile apps
The power of corporate communications apps. image credit: iStock/Erikona

There are 197 million tablets projected to be shipped in 2013 and more than one billion smartphones, according to Gartner. Many of those devices will be distributed to employees for work usage, or used in a BYOD capacity. It is time we start communicating with our employees, our clients and our stakeholders on the devices they use.

Enterprises and corporations have been slow to adopt mobile content apps for their businesses. I feel that this is the most obvious migration in corporate communications – both internal and external – since the invention of the newsletter. Is your company slow to migrate? Or are you well on your way to mobilization?

The Opportunities are Endless

Think about the speed at which a change in company policy or an update in HR benefits could be communicated and how many more people would see it!  Or how corporate communications can share a new company initiative with investors and shareholders immediately while allowing the investor to consume the content on the device they choose, when and where they wish to. One or two corporate-approved customizable apps could mobilize your sales force, making every client meeting an interactive and visually immersive experience.

Why Make the Move to Mobile Apps?

There are many reasons why business leaders need to mobilize their content. Here are a few of my favorite reasons:

  • Speed of content distribution
  • Cost savings over paper, postage and distribution
  • Engagement levels involved with interactive content designed for the device

Yes some of this can be hosted on company websites, but let’s not TRAP it there.  Whether you are a CMO, a VP of Sales or a corporate communicator, it is time to engage with your audiences on the devices that seem to be glued in their hands. I’d love to hear from you if you are a corporation creating great content apps or a design agency creating corporate apps for your clients.

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