For the past several years I have devoted enormous amounts of time and effort sweating over my keyboard, traveling the country, and shouting through my telephone speaker about the need for businesses to embrace mobile. While myself and other mobile enthusiasts alike will likely never put an end to our prosthelytizing, it seems the time is quickly coming when our warnings will no longer be needed. Any serious business owner will soon (if they do not already) realize how crucial a good mobile presence can be for their business. The question then becomes, how can you leverage the power of mobile to take things to the next level.

Too often we see businesses trying to build a mobile presence by simply shrinking their desktop site or redesigning the same content for a smaller screen. The mobile experience is a completely different one, and mobile sites need to reflect the action-driven nature of the mobile user. This means designing buttons for touch, creating navigation that promotes action, and making the interactive elements of your site more prevalent.

Of course, good mobile design is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of maximizing mobile’s capabilities. Never before have businesses had the opportunity to interact with customers on a medium that is always on, almost always within reach, and accessible from anywhere. This amazing set of circumstances presents some truly exciting possibilities for businesses that wish to expand their relationships with customers. Here are a couple you may want to employ:

Connected Marketing:

Some of the most effective strategies with mobile revolve around using the platform to connect your marketing efforts. Mobile makes the perfect compliment to both in-home and out-of-home advertising as it allows consumers to engage with a product on-the-spot from anywhere. A billboard ad alone will garner only a few seconds of viewing from a potential customer, however, when that billboard contains a URL that leads the viewer to a mobile landing page, the experience can be extended into a full-featured interaction. The same can be said for things like print ads, radio spots, or even point-of-purchase displays.

Perhaps the most misunderstood mobile user is the one accessing mobile as a second-screen. Studies show that over 80% of mobile users are using their devices while watching TV, with almost half of those users reporting having used their device to search for a product advertised on television. By creating a complimentary mobile experience for your TV commercial ads, you can capitalize twice, and create a whole new realm of interest for a potential customer.

Extended Immersion in Live-Action Events:

Mobile essentially puts a super-computer directly into the pockets of your consumers. That means that whether you are reaching out to potential customers or existing ones, you have the ability to create live action experiences that are enhanced by technology. This could be something live streaming live updates and behind-the-scenes developments at sporting events or shows. You could use mobile to allow users to follow along during a presentation and giving them the ability to choose what topics they want more information on. Things like exhibits, demonstrations, even simple sales meetings can all be augmented by utilizing this new outlet to give customers a more thorough and engaging experience.

These few simple tactics alone can vastly alter your business model and if you are like the majority of business owners and marketers, you will see almost immediate returns for your business. Of course, these are only the first steps in creating a dominant mobile presence, and the businesses that truly maximize their returns from mobile will be the one’s that are always on the lookout for more techniques and tactics just like these.