One of the things that is rapidly becoming apparent about mobile marketing is the high quality of the leads it produces, especially compared to other lead sources.

Simply put: mobile marketing  provides leads very low in the sales funnel. Mobile marketing leads are ready to buy more quickly than other leads.

Other Lead Sources

Marketing Sherpa says that over 90% of leads generated via web sources enter the sales funnel unready to buy. These leads are people that fill out a form for a White Paper, request a demo or attend a webinar. There are a small number of these leads(perhaps 2% to 5%) that are ready to buy now. And there are a few more (around 5%) that will buy from you in the next several months.

But, again, the vast, vast, vast majority of leads (90%) are not ready to buy. This is the nature of web marketing. You cast a wide net, but most fish in that net are not ready to buy.

Mobile Lead Sources

Mobile is different. Google says that 70% of mobile searchers take action within one hour of their search. 90% eventually take action. Additionally, mobile produces a very high number of phone calls. In fact, 61% of mobile searchers call a business soon after searching.

Why does this matter?

It matters because leads that call your business are the highest quality leads you could possibly receive. Our research shows that close rates are 15-20 times higher for inbound phone leads than inbound web leads. Additionally, BIA/Kelsey research indicates that almost 70% of businesses believe their highest quality lead source is an inbound phone call. In short: phone calls produce hot leads and customers.

Why Does Mobile Produce Great Leads?

Desktop searchers may conduct a search for a business, product, or service to get more information and do extensive research. This is rarely the case for mobile searchers. Mobile searchers are looking for something right now. They’re either on the go and searching for a local business. Or they have researched something previously and are looking to contact that business immediately. Mobile searchers are not seeking to do vast research on their smart phones.

Mobile produces leads that are ready to buy, not because of some variable we can’t explain; rather, mobile produces read-to-buy leads because those leadsare using mobile. The very nature of a smartphone demands immediacy.

Call Tracking for Mobile Marketing

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