HubSpotYou all know how much we love HubSpot here at Brightfire, but in the last six months or so they have introduced the App Marketplace, which has made it an even more valuable inbound marketing tool!

There are now over 50 apps within the market place and this number is growing by the day. We thoroughly recommend that you jump into the App Marketplace (under the community tab) and check them out for yourself. However, if you are too busy generating hundreds of leads, here are my Top 3 apps that you need to start using to grow your business!

To-Do List

Do you keep losing your to-do list that is written on the back of a napkin on the way into work each morning? Well, it is time to get more organised and there is no better place  to start than with the To-Do List app. You can download this in seconds and create a personal task list so you can be certain you are creating those all important inbound marketing tasks frequently. There is even an email alert option so you are constantly organised, fulfilling your inbound marketing plan to a tee!

Social Media Publishing

Having been a Hubspot user for over two years now, I was delighted to see the release of the Social Media Publishing tool! This is a great tool if you are out of the office, allowing you to schedule tweets so you can always be strutting your social media stuff. At the moment there is no link shortening tool such as but the guys over at HubSpot have assured me this is not too far away. This will provide even more analysis opportunities within HubSpot and is eagerly anticipated!

Facebook Welcome

Sometimes I am asked how social media can maximise conversion rates. The Facebook Welcome App allows you to easily move those who find your Facebook page from visitors, to fans to leads! Once someone has ‘liked’ your page, they are then shown a secondary call-to-action complete with a HubSpot form. This allows you to easily track exactly which leads have converted on Facebook and provides great ammunition to all those social media naysayers. Check out a great example over at

These are only three of the many apps available in the Marketplace and there are plenty of more goodies available, so check them out and become even more efficient at generating those leads for your sales team.