iPad Workplace 2.0

There’s always been an uncertainty with Tablets. They’re not smartphones, and they’re not quite laptops … so what are they? What is their role? And where do they fit?

Consumers seem to be feeling a conflict of interests when it comes to purchasing tablets. Zach Epstein, BGR Executive Editor, may have best explained this conflict of interest when he addressed his own concerns about the iPad and other tablets:

“You can watch videos on an iPad, but I would rather watch on a TV. You can work on an iPad, but I would rather use a notebook or desktop computer. You can quickly maneuver through dozens of gorgeous apps on an iPad, but I have smartphones packed to the brim with great apps. You can read books on the iPad, but I have a Nook Touch that lasts for more than a month on a charge, and is much lighter and more comfortable to hold than the iPad. For everything the iPad does, I already own something that does it better.”

Well-warranted his criticism may be. But despite the criticism and uncertainty facing tablets, they don’t seem to be going anywhere — In fact, Apple sold over three million third generation iPad tablets in just four days after release!

Many will tell you, just as I have, that tablets have an uncertain, undefined role in the mobile media market place, but the shroud of uncertainty is clearing, and a defined role beginning to take form. Tablets are quickly becoming the preferred means of online shopping, and internet retailers would have to be crazy not to take notice of this.

Millenia Media, Inc. (NYSE: MM), the independent leader in mobile advertising, recently released its 2012 Q1 Mobile Mix Report. Among other significant indicators, the report shows “Significant Growth in Ad Impressions among Tablets and Non-Phone Connected Devices.” The mobile media company found that tablets, led by the iPad, Galaxy, and Kindle Fire, accounted for a record-high 20% of all ad impressions during the first quarter of 2012, an increase from 15% during the first quarter of 2011.

“Tablets and other non-phone connected devices have established a clear role in the growing mobile ecosystem,” said Jamie Fellows, SVP, Millennial Media. “The substantial quarterly growth of impressions in this category is tied to both increased usage and adoption, and we expect this trend to continue in the foreseeable future.”

Though even today millions of Americans remain hesitant to invest in tablets, one thing has become certain -the role of tablets in the mobile device ecosystem is taking shape, and simply cannot be ignored.