Has someone who was walking and texting at the same time ever bumped into you in the mall? Or maybe you’ve been trying to enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant when someone started talking on a cell phone at the table next to you.

We’ve all experienced a cell phone faux pas at some point, or maybe we’ve even made a few of our own. Here are our tips for following cell phone etiquette.

Don’t Text and Walk

Many of us text on our phones all throughout the day, even when we’re on the go. If you have to send or respond to a text while you’re walking in a public place, move out of the flow of traffic to ensure you don’t run into someone or even trip.

It’s best to find a place to sit or just briefly step aside. Similarly, you shouldn’t text and try to have a face-to-face conversation with someone at the same time. You should give people the common courtesy of making eye contact with them, not give all the attention to your phone.

Don’t Talk Loudly in Quiet Places

If your cell phone rings at a quiet restaurant and you need to take the call, tell the person on the other end of the conversation to hold on for a moment. Then excuse yourself and go take the call outside or in a part of the restaurant where patrons aren’t seated. This shows common courtesy to other diners in the restaurant. You wouldn’t want your meal interrupted by a loud conversation, would you?

Keep Conversations Short

If you are stuck in a public situation where you can’t excuse yourself to a more private location to take the call, keep the conversation short. You can also explain that you are in line at the store checkout or trying to make a deposit at the bank, which will signal to the other caller that you really can’t talk. We’re sure you’re thrilled that your friend is going into an alcohol treatment program, but the whole world doesn’t need to know that fact.

Keep Your Ringer Low or on Vibrate

It’s OK to blare the latest pop song as your ringtone at home. But in public, people don’t want to hear the latest top 40 hits coming from your back pocket. If you must keep your ringer on, turn it down to the lowest volume possible. Or, better yet, keep the phone on vibrate. Only you need to know that your cell phone is ringing, not everyone within 100 yards of you.

Don’t Use Your Phone in a Movie Theater

This seems self-explanatory, but many people try to get away with texting during a movie. While you’re not talking loudly, this is still a faux pas because the light from the phone’s screen will be bright and distracting for other people. You don’t want to be the person who pulls out a cell phone during the part of the movie where the screen is very dark.