What are the two fastest-growing forms of marketing on the internet? Well, if you were to consult a digital marketing specialist, the answer would unanimously be Mobile and Video. Not only has there been a phenomenal rise in smartphone use over the past 5 years; but video has also become the go-to online medium for businesses to promote themselves.

There is little doubt that video enhances a brand experience, encouraging customer interaction and raising purchase intent. The emergence of YouTube and Vimeo has accelerated the adoption of widespread video consumption by many internet users. Most traditional video vendors – such as Blockbuster – have gone out of business due to the ride in online video interest.

71% of 16 to 24 year olds now regularly access the internet using smartphones, with the fastest growing demographic being female. With such rapid adoption of mobile Internet, anyone deploying online video without mobile in mind is ignoring mobile users at their own peril.

Now, there are always challenges to overcome. It’s true that online video is much easier to deploy than mobile video, thanks to the formats available. Flash is notoriously absent on Apple devices – meaning that video often fails to show at all. In addition, mobile devices have small screens, which are increasingly used to view ever improving HD quality video, compromising the user experience. This is less of a problem with tablets as the larger screen size makes video more feasible. The final problem is mobile connectivity – 3G connection and slow wi-fi make it more difficult to view videos on a smartphone than on a PC.

Even though these challenges exist, the benefits are much stronger. Mobile video offers consumers a fully-engaged experience with much deeper brand visibility than television or online as people carry their smartphones with them almost 24/7. It enables brands to ensure their products stand out from standard text or images, giving consumers more product information and making the purchasing cycle more interactive. This, in turn, will help to drive sales and foster loyalty. Including testimonials from previous buyers, videos of the product being used or exclusive interviews with designers are all ways to make a product stand out in a crowded marketplace.

According to online marketing specialists, there has never been a better time to utilize mobile video. For those familiar with whiteboard animation and scribe videos, think of how great your message would look in the hands of mobile users.