At the outset, I would like to make this clear – I am neither a professional app reviewer nor that much of a techgeek but I do have a fondness for simple, fun games. In that sense, I am perfectly qualified to review India’s first ‘augmented’ reality app contest – The Blue Groove. But, first let’s understand what ‘augmented’ reality is. Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.(1) And this is also the simplest explanation there is!

Apparently, the augmented reality app is just another spoke turning the wheels of the ‘Be Blue’ campaign. Through the many digital inputs, Reliance 3G is constantly associating itself with blue, as a means to create awareness about Reliance 3G and Google Android tie-up.

Welcome to the blue groove

So in the quest to experience the ‘augmented’, I jumped onto the Reliance Mobile Facebook app, for it is here that you can do the Blue Groove with the Blue Bot. Press ‘Click Here’ to get started with the grooving. The Blue Groove asks you to match the dancing steps of the Blue Bot on the computer screen with the help of the arrow keys, shift key and space bar on the keyboard. If you can match the keys correctly, you stand a chance to win Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Smartphone’s every week and lots of cool merchandise from Reliance.

The_Blue_Groove_Augmented reality app

Here’s how you go about grooving:

1. You need a webcam as well as a Reliance logo. You can download and print it or get it by giving out your number, so as to receive an SMS that has the image with the Blue Bot and Reliance logo over it.

2. You have to hold the Reliance Logo in front of your cam so that after 5 seconds the Blue Bot and the panel screen gets auto-locked. You can re-adjust the panel by clicking the screen once and pressing “L” letter on the keyboard and try adjusting it again.

3. Once done, you can either take a demo or go on practice mode to learn which keys you need to press to match the steps with the Blue Bot while dancing.

Welcome to the_Blue_Groove_app

How_to_Play the_Blue_Groove

4. There are 3 levels in this grooving contest:

  • Hot-Stepper
  • Groover
  • Dancing Star

On clearing each level, you get a badge and auto-posts on your Facebook wall congratulating you on clearing the particular level.

5. After crossing the 3 levels, you will be asked the qualifying question. Upon submitting this, you are eligible for the prize!

Was it fun?

Well, so much for the augmented reality part! For starters, I simply loved the Blue Bot grooving away on the dance floor apart from the fact that he is incredibly adorable. The music score is peppy and keeps you going every time you miss a step. The Demo and Practice gives the user an ample amount of practice to perfect their art. And most of all, I was part of an augmented reality as in part of something futuristic and happening!

Do check out the Terms & Conditions in the app page, for the app to be really enjoyed and consumed the way it is meant to be, before you get any surprises though.

Could the blue groove be better?

Initially, when I started The Blue Groove, I had a vague idea about ‘augmented’ reality. I thought that I would have to dance along with the Blue Bot but it wasn’t so. I just had to press the required keys that matched his steps and become a Dancing Star! Nevertheless, I had fun even without my dancing shoes.

The_blue_grooveBut the one problem I faced throughout was this – see screenshot:

Somehow, I managed to clear the levels with this tiny panel before me. I hope the app creators, Social Wavelength look into this and let me know the reason, despite having zoomed in the Google Chrome.

Another problem that I noticed was that the app was posting congratulatory messages on my Facebook timeline for every level I cleared in the game. Although I don’t find it necessary and would be happy if the app displayed the content before posting.

So what do you think about the Blue Groove? Are augmented apps going to get popular this season of Indian social media?

  1. Source: Wikipedia