The Best iPhone Apps for Movie Lovers

Are you a movie buff, a film lover, a cineaste, or simply an everyday person who simply enjoys movies? Gear up and equip the movie addict in you with the best movie apps for your iPhone. Beyond just finding the best titles, a database of films shot in your hometown, or a self-made list of actors you need to see before you die, take your time and try out these iPhone apps that will help you make the best out of your movie viewing experience… and beyond.


How many arguments have been settled with a single search on the IMDb website? How many dollars have you earned after betting that you can name the eight actors who have played the role of James Bond (Agent 007) in chronological order? IMDb has been a staple for movie buffs all over the world for so long. Now, with the touch of a finger, you can access all the features and capabilities of the informative website. All you have to do is download the IMDb app on your iPhone.

Movies by Flixster

Flixster began as a community for watching trailers, movie ratings, getting show times, box office figures, and checking out your friends’ ratings of different movies. Over time, it has evolved into a site that’s heavily reliant on social media, giving each user the ability to fully integrate social media accounts into his or her Flixster account. With its dedicated app, a single swipe will give you loads of information and opinions on movies – and you’ll be able to share your views with friends and be a tastemaker if you want.

Get Glue

Originally started in 2010 as a service targeted for television fans, GetGlue has also branched out into movies. To use, one must “check in” to the TV show, movie, or sports program that they consume using the application. Upon checking in, the user will receive points and earn virtual stickers (which can eventually be requested to be turned into real stickers that can be mailed to his or her doorstep at no cost), which can give him or her chances to earn discounts from entertainment companies.


Have you ever watched a movie in the theater and while in the middle of it, you suddenly felt the need to pee? Of course you don’t want to miss out on the best part, so you hold it in until the movie ends, or until your bladder finally tells your brain that there’s just too much liquid to handle. Thankfully, the creators of RunPee created this unique app that features a timer that lets you know when it’s safe to take a restroom break, and gives you a summary of what you missed in the movie upon return. It’s also ideal for those times when you need to make urgent calls using your business phone (read more) or when you need to send an SMS to the nanny about changing your baby’s diapers.

Find the Movie

If you want to challenge your cinema sensibilities, you can try out Find the Movie, a movie quiz game that boasts of having the “largest film collection database than any other existing Game Movie App.” The mechanics are simple; all you have to do is to try and guess the correct movie title based on the film screenshot displayed before you. All the 5000 plus movies included in the quiz range from categories such as blockbusters, classic films, obscure films, and cult favorites.

Check these apps out and let me know what you think, and have you found any others to add to the list?

Image courtesy of Emmanuel Tabard, Flickr.