The Apps of our Life Stages

Graduation. First job. First place. Fall in love. Get married. Have kids. Change careers. Move. Divorce. Lose someone. These are all life stages and whether or not they go in this order, one thing is true – we all experience them. A lot of them.

Through all of these life stages, technology is there. It helps us get information, facilitate conversations and get us from point A to B. But the relationship has grown since we’ve entered the world of apps. Today, according to Flurry, there are over 500,000 apps for the iPhone and iPad, over 300,000 on Android and thousands on other platforms. The average user has 65 apps. Techcruch calls it an app-ocalypse.

The combination of the number of apps and our close relationship with technology has enabled each and every life stage to have many apps of their own. While I haven’t been through all of the life stages listed above, I have experienced a few. And being six months pregnant, another (big) one is at my doorstep.

So here are my top apps that got me through some serious milestones. And while many of these apps are great no matter what stage you’re in, they’re especially helpful for these.


You may immediately think of calculators, notepads and custom apps for different colleges and universities, but there are hundreds of apps on this topic to help you study, sleep, eat and stop you from drunk dialing. I like this comprehensive top 100 list, but my favorites are:

  • iTranslate – perfect for those study abroad trips and as a refresher before Spanish class
  • Evernote – take pictures and notes and store them in the cloud for anytime access

First Job

From the search to the interview to the first day at the office, there are apps to help you stay cool in your new business casual garb. These are great:

  • Indeed – aggregates millions of jobs on multiple sites to serve up the ones most relevant to your job search
  • Bump – as you network and meet new people, capture you new acquaintance’s contact info just by “bumping” your phones together


The wedding process is a blast but it can be stressful as the aisle draws near. These apps help you stay on track.

  • iWedding – save your arm a lot of pain from carrying around a wedding binder. Plan your budget, your to-dos, guest lists and more with anytime access
  • Etsy – I craved a personal touch for my wedding and I used Etsy to do it. The iPhone app works well so you can easily find your decorations, buy gifts and more

Buying a Home

While exciting, the amount of money you’re spending when buying a home can be heart-stopping. These apps kept my blood pressure down and got me excited for this new stage of life.

  • Trulia – search homes by location, price, type and more (and it looks amazing on the iPad). I love my new home but I still find myself peeking around on this app
  • Homebudget – with this app, calculating your mortgage payment is just scratching the home-buying surface. Forecast utility costs and bills, taxes, see payments over time with helpful charts and even use it after you’ve bought your house as a regular financial app


Currently experiencing this lifestage, I find myself using these apps weekly, if not daily.

  • Babycenter – track your progress, your baby’s progress, check out the forums of other moms-to-be, get tips and so much more. Any pregnancy or baby question you’ve ever had can be answered with this app
  • Enfamil Expecting Baby – The simplicity of this app makes it helpful and engaging. It’s a quick checklist with a countdown to your due date, fun little quizzes and reminders, a contractions counter and hospital finder come labor time, a birth announcement maker and (the best part) it offers a free gift at the hospital when you show the app

If you want to see your future life stages, there’s the Project 0-100 app. It shows pictures of people of all ages and you can even age your own face. I don’t have the app but if I’m ever in the mood to see how I look at 50, I know where to click.

What apps have you used for your life stages? Do you have any recommended apps for my next stage in life? Share them here! I love to download new ones (and beat the average of 65!).