Do you work in the mobile app world? If yes, then you have probably met at least one of these mobile product managers.

Mobile Product Manager #1: The Buzzword Fanatic

mobile product manager 1

They love to throw out words like ‘agile’, ‘blockchain’, ‘net promoter score’, and ‘MVP’, whenever they get the chance. Yet when it comes to providing a straightforward answer on how to directly improve the mobile product, they find themselves at a loss for words. Remind you of someone?

Mobile Product Manager #2: The Spiritual/Fate-Based

mobile product manager 2

This type of mobile product manager leaves a lot up to destiny. They can get so carried away with the idea of the mobile app itself that they end up embracing the mentality, “If you build it, they will come.”

Mobile Product Manager #3: The Timesaver

mobile product manager 3

This type of mobile product manager prefers to spend less time hypothesizing and just cut to the chase. “Where are there issues in the mobile app and more importantly why are they happening? Better yet, what tool can I use to get the answers that matter?” They hate having to use multiple dashboards and wasting time in an attempt to explain data.

Mobile Product Manager #4: The #Edgy One

mobile product manager 4

This mobile product manager is always trying to be different and “new-age”. If they had it their way they would create a “groundbreaking” new gesture or throwaway product cycles altogether. For them, mobile app best practices are for people who want to take the easy way out.

Mobile Product Manager #5: The Numbers Nut

mobile product manager 5

This particular mobile product manager loves numbers- almost too much for their own good. They are oftentimes more reactive than proactive, and will wait on aggregate metrics to prove a certain point or back a particular initiative.

So there you have it, the five breeds of five product managers we all know today.

On top of listing their characteristics, we wanted to go one step further and interview them. So what did we do?

We asked each of them the same, popular, product manager interview question. Some of their answers were interesting to say the least. Others might have you saying “WTF?”

You can watch how they answered the pm interview question, right now: