textgram-logo-2 Textgram App
for IPhone & Android

Textgram is one of my favorite new little apps that I use for social media.

Intended as a way to make images for sharing on Instagram from your mobile…

Textgram lets me make cute, sassy or professionally looking quote graphics or tip graphics from my phone.

This lets me take advantage of a 20 minute wait time at the pharmacy or other routine life stuff and still accomplish something VERY useful for my business.

The app is simple to use, free, reasonably flexible, and produces sharp looking images even if you’re a graphics dunce like me!

Screenshot of Textgram App on Android:

textgram screenshot

You can add text, add backgrounds, change text effects, change font and font size, add filters and frames and much much more…

Above you see a blogging tips quote graphic in the works!

Here’s an example of an inspirational one I made that performed well for me:

textgram-2Want even more cool examples? Click here to search Google Images for “Textgram” and you’ll find lots of inspiration!

I think what I find most amusing about this app is that it’s actually MORE work to create them on my desktop PC than it is to make them in this app.

Images produced by the free version have a very easy to ignore watermark in the lower right hand corner.

That’s somewhat unusual but hey, I’m not complaining!

Textgram for Android & Textgram for iPhone

PS: I just noticed that there is a Pro version upgrade for 99 cents. However, at this very moment, reviews indicate that it is somewhat crashy on Android. So I’ll stick with the stable free version for now and upgrade later. This is an app that I’m happy to upgrade.