How to podcast with your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Android phone by Krishna DeIf you are using content marketing for lead generation and online visibility, you may have considered creating and publishing podcasts.

Podcasting has become much less complex since I published my first audio and video podcasts over eight years ago.

As I wrote about on my personal blog, I have been testing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom over the last few weeks and was keen to discover how it performs for recording audio content for podcasts.

I purchased an iPhone several years ago as I wanted to have the flexibility of recording podcasts without always having to take my recording equipment with me, especially if I was travelling. The quality of the audio recorder is very good and I have enhanced it using a low cost app and a mini microphone.

When I first explored the audio recording on the Samsung Galaxy S4 I was disappointed wiht the sound of the recording. It did not meet the requirements I had for the quality of the recording.

I then sought out a number of applications to see if that would enhance the audio. But again, none of them could replicate what I have been able to achieve on the iPhone.

I then remembered that there was a microphone available that could work across iPhone, iPad and Android devices which is the iRig Mic Cast (Amazon affiliate link) which is a compact voice recording microphone designed specifically for recording podcasts, interviews, lectures, voice memos and speeches. I purchased one at a store in Dublin and it certainly enhanced the quality of the audio I recorded.

You can see a screen shot below of the different setting you can enable on the iRig Mic Cast app – this screen shot is from the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Screenshot of the iRig Recorder app on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

The iRig Mic cast also has a stand which comes with the microphone, however due to the depth of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, it does not quite fit. You can prop the phone onto the stand while you are recording as you will see in the top photograph on this article.

I thought I would test the recording of a podcast using SoundCloud which is an easy platform for publishing podcasts.

SoundCloud has a free account and paid for programme that provides additional hours of hosting and advanced features such as being able to replace recordings you have made.

In addition, SoundCloud recently announced a new feature where you can post directly to Google Plus from SoundCloud which you may have started to include in your content marketing programme.

You can record and upload audio files to your SoundCloud account on the web, or as I did using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, you can record directly from your phone using the SoundCloud Android app.

Once you have recorded the audio, there are some basic editing features so you can delete part of your audio recording. Then you can publish your podcast to SoundCloud including adding an image (podcast art).

The screen shot below is from the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom when I published a short podcast report on the top 100 grocery brands in Ireland.

Screenshot of posting a podcast to SoundCloud from the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

By synchonising your social accounts with your Android phone you can also post directly to your Google plus profile and the podcast plays from the Google Plus profile interface. Alternatively you can share the podcast through the web interface – as you will see in the screen shot below.

Posting SoundCloud podcasts to your Google Plus profile on the SoundCloud website

Unfortunately at the moment you can not post directly to your Google Plus Page from with your phone or the Android app. To do so you need to access the link and post that with your status update or article.

Posting SoundCloud podcasts to your Google Plus page

You can listen to the podcast I recorded here testing out the new feature of bring able to post to Google Plus using SoundCloud or listen to it below.

You can see the podcast posted to my Google Plus Page here. If you are using Google Plus in your content marketing, don’t forget to Circle me if you find my updates of interest and assistance!

And if you do decide to post SoundCloud podcasts, you can also post them to Pinterest where the audio will play directly within the Pinterest platform and is another way to potentially expand the audience for your podcast.

So in summary, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom does have good capability for recording audio podcasts, though you will need to explore an app to enhance the recording quality or use a microphone as I did.

If you take this additional step, is it as clear and sharp an audio recording as the iPhone? Unfortunately in my experience it is not – I do however have high expectations for audio quality of podcasts so it may be sufficient for some podcasters. The team at Samsung Ireland may have some other suggestions on how to enhance the quality of the recording.

If you have other apps that you use to record audio podcasts on an Android device that enhance the quality of the audio, I would love to know your favourites that you recommend.

Thank you to Samsung Ireland for providing me the opportunity to review the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom – this is the second in my series of review articles. You can read the first part of my review of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom here where you can also see examples of how photographs taken with the 10x optical zoom.