Mobile App Development Trend 2019

Mobile app development service is thriving at a fast pace. As competition intensifies and business needs keep on changing with time, the app development process becomes more advanced than ever. All thanks to technological advancements, today, the enterprise-grade apps can readily address challenges and complexities of the modern business.

Technological advancements come every now and then to enhance our comfort in the mobile-driven world. Here we give an outline of noteworthy technology trends to watch in 2019 along with their benefits.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a buzzword in the corporate sector. From retail to real estate and farming to fitness, various industry sectors want to embrace this futuristic technology. IoT-enabled apps can act as a bridge between smartphones and connected devices, and more such apps are ready to become an integral part of a business ecosystem. It is because entrepreneurs and customers both want to jump on the IoT app bandwagon. As more enterprises will embrace the IoT concept, mobile app development companies would remain busy making IoT apps.

There is no exaggeration in mentioning the IoT will drive the future of mobile app development in the coming years.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will exert a huge impact on mobile application development in coming days. Data collection and analysis is possible with ML algorithms and enterprises can provide individualized and personalized experience to the app users. Here we can see the mobile-oriented aspect of AI. AI chatbots and other ML tools can be added to the mobile app to bring automation and convenience.

From bringing automation to improving customer services to reducing human errors, AI is ready to play a significant role in the development of next-gen enterprise mobile apps. AI will also play a major part of mobile app development services in the near future.

  • More Interaction

Well, you may not consider it as a technology trend, but it is fair to mention that as people become more tech-savvy, various technology trends are going to combine for providing the highly interactive user experience. Let’s take an example of an on-demand mobile application. This app involves technologies like AI, IoT, and Blockchain, and wearable for serving various objectives.

Also, as mobile app development companies come across diverse user requirements, they come up with innovative mobile app solutions that include more than one emerging technologies. Ever-changing business needs also promote interaction with tech trends.

  • Security Trends

Mobile apps have remained ‘soft target’ for hackers and cybercriminals. Therefore, enterprises tend to focus more on the app and data security these days. When it comes to B2C business where the app users share their personal and financial details like credit card number for initiating a transaction. There, technologies like AI and ML lend a helping hand in detecting any suspicious or fraud activities. Integration of these technologies in the mobile app can enhance the security.

What’s more, app security techniques like facial recognition and encryption are also integrated to save valuable data from hackers. Innovative technology trends will ensure app security in the year 2019 and beyond.

  • New Domains

Do you know that technology trends can meet new frontiers in the year 2019? For example, entrepreneurs or startups associated with culture, cooking, and art-related sectors will also come up with dedicated mobile apps.

Apart from technocrats, the mobile app development companies will also focus on these rising business domains in the near future. It is interesting to see how technological advancements will address the needs of such unique business concepts and how related mobile apps will work.

It is certain that in the coming time, no industry sector will afford to stay away from technological advancements and mobile apps.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Both VR and AR have risen beyond Pokemon Go to provide an immersive experience to consumers, stakeholders, and clients globally. As these technologies are not restricted to games and interactive apps, we can expect that various industry sectors will embrace these technologies soon. AR is expected to become more popular than VR. As Statista has predicted, globally, AR revenue is expected to grow to 90 billion USD in 2020, which over three times higher than the same for VR.

With an aim to offer more pleasant and interactive user experience, the mobile app development domain will rely more on both VR and AR in the year 2019 and beyond.

  • Wearables will be Mainstreamed

Wearable devices are steadily gaining ground across the world. It will give rise to wearable app development. We have not unleashed the full potential of wearable technology, but in the coming years, we will have its benefits. A Business Intelligence report has predicted that the wearable market will increase up to 35 percent by 2019.

It will also open the doors of new scopes in the technology domain as wearable app developers will leverage the benefits of advancements for developing interactive and innovative wearable app solutions.

Both iPhone and Android device makers have come up with wearable devices, and they will continue this trend in the future as well. As a result, the mobile app developers will keep on making wearable apps that can either work individually or in sync with smartphones.

  • Blockchain will Prevail

Well, Blockchain technology has evolved significantly in a couple of years. With enhanced security and improved automation, blockchain can be a preferred choice for the BFSI sector.

The Blockchain app development process can integrate AI for a higher level of safety and AR for an immersive experience in the future.

We can certainly expect that this technology will bring bigger and better advancements from the year 2019 onward as its use will increase in the mobile app development process.

Emerging technologies are expanding with the advent of new advancements and they have brought radical changes in the mobile app development process. Be it an iPhone app development or an Android app development solution, these tech trends are going to impact on app development in 2019 and afterward.

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