Smart phones have brought about a dramatic change to business and the marketplace and they can account for a significant proportion in today’s commerce. Marketing that was done in traditional ways for what seems like decades has changed massively due to mobile phones, offering business significant opportunities in how they engage their customers. Brand owners and marketers have come up with a wide variety of mobile applications that enhance their marketing efforts and in fact, if you compare the amount of internet traffic that is driven by the tablets and smartphones, you will find that it has surpassed the amount driven by desktops.

One of the key advantages of mobile applications is how they allow brands to engage customers directly. Savvy businesses are now looking at each of these interactions closely to discover the best way for each to take place. Google has identified what they call micro-moments. These are moments that are driven by intent and happen when someone reaches for their smartphone to “know”, “go”, “do” and “buy”. In their report titled “5 Ways to Find the Micro-Moments Your Brand Can Win”, they go into detail how brands can leverage opportunities created by examining micro-moments. So how can marketers take advantage of micro-moments?

Look for top mobile-centric searches

You can begin by finding out what your customers who use mobile phones usually look for. Often these will include “near me” when consumers are looking for your brand or other products that fall under your category. These searches reveal a great deal about consumer insights. According to Google, 30% of all mobile searches are related to location, so you will want to take advantage of that fact. Especially when you consider how valuable this traffic can be, with 76% of people who search for something “near me” visiting a location within a day and 28% of these searches resulting in a purchase (according to Google).

Find out more about the frequently asked questions about your brand or product

Looking into the frequently asked search questions about your brand or general product type can help you a great deal as you get to know the journey of the consumer. Searches that start with the words how, what, which, when, or why about your product, category of product or brand can provide a great deal of useful information. When such questions are asked, this gives you insight into what the customer is thinking at the moment and how they search for your type of product. Furthermore, you can try to find out whether these questions differ between products and hence you can find out the best way to handle these differences appropriately. You can create content to answer these specific questions. If the question is a “how to” question, you can even make a video tutorial that will take the consumer through all the necessary steps.

Leverage consumer surveys

Another way to take advantage of micro-moments is by reframing consumer surveys. You can survey the consumers one-on-one to learn what their opinions are. This technique has been proven to be viable and it brings reliable results. With mobile it can be very efficient and convenient for you to conduct the surveys about your brand and get significantly valuable information. The key is to focus on the micro-moments in your questioning. Phrase your questions in such a way that you can get customers to tell you about how they use their phone within the moment when they use it to “know”, “go”, “do”or“buy”. You can then narrow down the when, why, and where of your customers turning to their mobile devices for help and answers regarding your type of product.

Utilize your whole team to better understand the customer journey

Consumers want reliable information and a positive experience regardless of how they are interacting with your brand. As you work with your team, make sure you develop tools that allow customers to have their expectations meet across all touchpoints. You should come up with ideas with your team that can help your business meet the exact demands of the consumer. To do this you will want to be very specific in creating great mobile moments.

You will want to come up with a number of brainstorming questions with your team that touch upon diverse disciplines to help you. They can range from e-commerce to in-store merchandising. When doing this, you need to start from the known and then move to the unknown. You can start by analyzing the data that you have already collected from consumers. For instance, you can use data from journey maps, research studies and existing analytics for various marketing initiatives. Get to know a customer’s end-to-end journey with your brand. Look at the specific moments when consumers use their mobile phones and how they use them.

Start with the basic types of micro-moments: I want to know, I want to buy, I want to go and I want to do. From there, then you can start to understand the consumer insights that fall under type of questions. Based on these insights, you can prioritize these micro-moments and work on the ones you should be winning and develop plans how to win them.

Don’t forget to conduct in-store Interviews

In store interviews can be very powerful when talking to consumers using their phones in your store. You can learn a great deal from those consumers and find out exactly what they wanted and whether they were satisfied with the results that they received.

For nearly any business with a physical location, there will be a number of consumers searching through their phones in-store. Some people may just assume that consumers were interested in comparing prices of products. But with a little research you may find out that consumers are actually looking for product reviews. From here you would be able to respond by coming up with new application features that help the consumers in those moments where they are looking for reviews.

From the consumer insights that you uncover, you can do the necessary to ensure that the consumer is satisfied. It may require you to create an application that will give the details that your consumer needs to know about your brand and products.