If you order one of Taco Bell’s new 12-pack products, be sure to check out the QR code on the packaging. Including a QR code on their 12-pack products is part of a 360-degree marketing campaign that includes mobile, radio, in-store signage, web, television, and social media.

Taco Bell has also partnered up with ESPN to target football fans. Once scanned, the QR code will reveal exclusive content and videos of the BCS games on the ESPN mobile site.

According to Mobile Marketer, “The videos feature ESPN college football analyst Mark May and focus on four bowl games. Users can watch game highlights and learn about specific teams via the mobile bar codes and share content via Facebook and Twitter.”

The content changes weekly, which gives football (and Taco Bell) fans an incentive to keep coming back for more. For those without a phone with a QR code scanner, Mobile Marketer notes, “[Anyone can] participate in the campaign by texting the keyword ESPN TACO BELL to the short code 76477 to receive a link to the content.”

Taco Bell has also included instructions on what QR codes are and how to use them to help avoid any mobile technology confusion. The QR code/ESPN promotion is for a limited time, but Taco Bell is no stranger to incorporating mobile technology into their marketing efforts.
The company has a mobile site and has previously used mobile applications and advertising to reach their target audience.

We want to know: Do you scan the QR codes you see or do you prefer a more standard form of marketing?