It is very important to refrain from texting while driving, but many still do. Are you guilty? Texting while driving can be very texting while drivingdangerous. We all know that it is not a good idea to be distracted while driving and texting is a definite distraction. Before you choose to text while driving there are some very important things you should consider.

Why is it important not to text and drive?

Texting while driving not only affects you, but other drivers on the road with you. If you are texting while driving you are not being a responsible driver. Texting while driving is responsible for many accidents. Some accidents have resulted in injury and others have resulted in death.

Texting while driving means you are distracted. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that in 2010 driver distraction was the cause of 18 percent of all fatal crashes. 3,092 people were killed. Distraction while driving also resulted in crashes resulting in an injury. 416,000 people were wounded.

Besides being in a dangerous accident there are other ramifications of texting while driving. Some states have banned texting and will issue a ticket if you are caught.

What are some suggestions for parents with teens who drive and text?

If you are the parent of a teen then you must set a good example by not texting while driving yourself. Teens are less experienced drivers and already more vulnerable to mistakes on the road that can lead to an accident. Some things you can do to encourage your teen not to use their mobile devices while driving are:

  • Set up rules for the road – Talk with your teen about what is expected and the consequences of not following the rules.
  • Turn off your phone – Encourage your teens to turn off their phones while driving. They will be less likely to respond to a text if they are not coming in.
  • Designate a texter – Leave texting to the passengers in the vehicle.

Download apps that prevent texting while driving

There are many apps that can help parents manage their teens mobile device use while driving.

  • Websafety – An app to prevent emailing, texting and web browsing while driving. You can also set speed alerts.
  • – This is a free app. reads your text messages and emails aloud in real time competely hands free.
  • Key2SafeDriving – This is a small device that will reroute your calls to voicemail while driving. It will also send automated text message responses saying that the driver will respond when they have safely reached their destination.

Don’t be a victim because of texting while driving. If you are texting while driving you are not giving your complete attention to the road. It only takes a split second to result in deadly consequences for you, your passengers and other drivers.

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