In case you’re wondering, people do blog with their tablets.

It’s not just posting their thoughts these days but also quickly posting enhanced pictures of their pets, meal or their latest destinations. The advancement of modern technology has allowed them to do just that anywhere and anytime if they have their trusty gadget with them and, of course, if an internet connection is available.

So I have prepared here a list of photo editors and enhancers that bloggers can use to add compelling pictures with their blog posts on the go.

1.       Adobe Photoshop Express/ Adobe Photoshop Touch

–          This option is a no-brainer. The tablet version might be severely lacking compared to the desktop one, but it still has significant editing potential. Android and iOS versions are available.

2.       Pixlr-o-matic

–          This is not really a photo editor but an enhancer. Like so many photo apps, it uses filters to add effects to your image. You have so many filters to choose from and you can even add frames. If you’re not content, you can download additional filters in the app itself.

3.       Snapseed

–          This app is like a hybrid of Photoshop Express and Pixlr-o-matic. You can do basic photo-editing and also add filters. And it’s free, unlike some apps of this calibre.

4.       PicSay

–          Well, this app offers a rather playful way of editing your pictures, offering silly effects such as fake moustaches, googly eyes and much more. The app is free, but a pro version offers additional features for $3.99.

5.       Pixlr Express

–          Like Pixlr-o-matic, this app also adds filters to your photos with more than 600 effects to choose from. You can also remove red-eye, whiten teeth and auto-fix pictures.

6.       Swipe

–          This photo enhancer for iOS focuses mainly on adding text to your photos. There are almost a hundred fonts and colors to choose from. You can also set the transparency, size and rotation of the caption.

7.       Quad Camera

–          This is a very simple photo app for iOS that lets you take 4-8 serial shots and create an image with 6 effects.

8.       Cycloramic

–          Have a thing for panoramic pictures? Then this iOS app is for you. The shots are instantaneously stitched together to give you a very nice panoramic picture.

9.       WoodCamera

–          This app is mostly the same as others above; it adds filters to your picture to bring out dramatic or retro effect. Some features include: Lightbox, Live Lenses, Flexible Editing and One-Touch Preview.

10.   Space Paint

–          This app is probably the most fun when it comes to adding effects. You can add bokehs, star formations, light and smoke effects and also a paint splatter. You can also set the positioning of the effects, sizing, scaling and masking.

11.   Camera Awesome

–          This app tricks your friends into thinking that you’re a professional photographer. Why? Because it can shoot sharper and better-exposed pictures with less blur due to image stabilization. It has a 91% positive feedback and some users even stated that this is the best photo app that they have ever installed.

12.   iPhoto

–          While garnering just 38% positive feedback due to compatibility issues, Apple’s own photo-editing app is cited as the best photo editor for iOS provided that it works for your device. Multi-touch tools perform minor editing while filters add effects to the pictures.

13.   PicShop HD

–          This photo editing app has integrated social sharing built right into it plus filters and other basic editing tools. You can also add silly effects such as fun stickers and speech bubbles. There are a lot of additional features such as Time-Shift, Auto-correction and a Color/Saturation adjuster.

14.   PicsArt

–          This Android app is a photo editor that doubles as a photo art community like Instagram. There are various enhancements available.

15.   TouchRetouch Free

–          This app is a photo editor that photo bombers will definitely hate. It allows you to remove unwanted content or objects from any photo.

16.   Luminance

–          This iOS app has a simple yet elegant interface that adds to its awesome capabilities. There are filters that you can also edit and it has basic photo editing tools.

17.   Diptic

–          Another iOS app, Diptic allows you to combine multiple photos to create photo collages that can be uploaded straight from the app to your social networking accounts.

18.   Photosynth

–          Another panorama focused iOS app, this app is quite similar to Android’s photosphere. After creating a panorama image, you can upload it immediately to your social media accounts.

19.   FotoDanz

–          FotoDanz is basically a Cinemagraph version for Android. Cinemagraphs are hybrid photos and GIFs. You have to shoot several pictures and then choose a region of the picture that you want animated. Watch as that region animates while the rest of the picture remains still.

20.   Instagram

–          Really, who hasn’t heard about Instagram? Maybe Windows Phone or BlackBerry 10 users. Both Android and iOS versions of this app are free and with quite the same functionality. There are numerous filters to choose from and you can either upload directly to Instagram or to your social media accounts.

Fire Away

Pictures add credibility to the blogpost of a blogger so adding an image to your post is of paramount importance. I mean, blogging about your Southeast Asia trip would be incomplete without pictures of the awesome sceneries there or the exotic food that you’ve tried. That will definitely attract more readers.

And come to think of it, more readers mean more traffic to your site. Wonderful, eh?

Just don’t use too much filters, the vintage look is so repetitive nowadays. Try Lomo J