This morning we came across an article in Mobile Entertainment, which claims that experts expect a 25% surge in tablet advertising volumes, meaning it’s imperative that retailers ensure their websites are mobile and tablet-optimized. According to estimates, the tablet advertising spend in the UK and US over the past six months provided for a conversion rate that was four times higher than for mobile phones. When adverts are provided directly to the brand’s particular target audience, the rate even zooms to between five and six times higher.

Integration of advertising with location-based services can be found in less than 10% of companies’ marketing initiatives since tablet shoppers tend to surf when sitting comfortably on the sofa. The increasing popularity of smaller-screen tablets, however, is soon expected to make a difference and make geo-targeting extremely powerful.

Tablets are giving brands the opportunity to deliver rich and interactive content, which makes their campaigns more creative and ensures a great experience for users. Substantial research shows that consumers strongly prefer tablets over smartphones and PCs for browsing. According to Adobe, “As the tablet market matures, the advantages of PC browsing will erode, causing consumers to use tablets to visit brand websites more frequently. To engage customers who use tablets, brands should adopt tablet-specific strategies instead of offering experiences identical to those of smartphones or PCs.”

Want to win mindshare? It really comes down to creating a unique and engaging experience for the consumer.

Some interesting tablet and consumer spending statistics :

  • 69% of tablet owners make a purchase on their device every month, according to stats from inMobi and Mobext.
  • One in ten consumers were also happy to use their tablet for ‘big ticket’ purchases and over 20% claim to shop less in bricks and mortar stores since purchasing their device.
  • 50% of tablet owners spend at least an hour a day accessing media content on their tablets, and 72% use it while watching TV.

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