The Apple app store is overflowing with apps. There are more than 800,000 live apps on the iTunes Store, and by the end of 2013, the number will cross one million. Why do so many companies and individuals spend their money on developing apps for the iPhone? Because it pays – they get enough marketing mileage, business efficiency or profits out of iPhone app development.

As a developer, you can increase your value by learning iPhone app development skills. For programmers with a few years of development experience, creating iPhone apps is not that difficult a job. You can become an iPhone App Developer simply by reading a few books and playing around with the iOS SDK. Create a few test apps and you will become proficient at iPhone app development. Here is our list of the best books on the subject:

Beginning iOS 6 Development: Exploring the iOS 6 SDK

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Authored by David Mark, Jack Nutting, Jeff LaMarche and Fredrik Olsson, this is one of the classic books for learning iPhone development. It covers all the brand new technologies in details, and there are helpful storyboards to make the learning process simpler. The book expects you to know a bit of Objective-C, but it is pretty easy to follow. The best part of this book is the detailed explanation you get for every little thing related to developing an iPhone app.

iOS 6 Application for Dummies

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Authored by Neal Goldstein and Dave Wilson, this is a standard “for dummies” book that makes learning iOS 6 app development extremely easy. It presupposes some experience of programming, but it is a simple read, and a determined novice can also use it. It teaches in the best possible way: by walking you through the creation of two different kinds of apps side-by-side.

iOS 6 Programming Pushing the Limits

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Authored by Rob Napier and Mugunth Kumar, this is the right book for expert programmers who want to learn iPhone app development. The best part is that the book sticks to best practices and lucidly explains why to write codes in a particular way. It provides detailed explanations of how to use the latest APIs and how to design for the smartphone. For those who want to delve deeper, there is enough information about how to control multitasking, set up in-app purchases and run the app on different platforms.

Sams Teach Yourself iOS 6 Application Development in 24 hours

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Authored by John Ray, this book divides the whole process of learning iOS 6 application development into 24 sessions, each session one-hour long. For hardcore programmers who possess enough experience and expertise in programming, this may be the best and fastest way of learning iPhone app development. While this book doesn’t cover every aspect related to app development, it does cover the most common topics.

 iOS 6 Programming Cookbook

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Once you have read some of the above books, you will be ready to plunge into app development. But when you are new to iPhone app development, you are bound to face some vexing problems. This book will be your helpful guide at such a time. It takes a close look at the different ingredients that go into making an app and helps solve particular issues.

Summing up

Any one or two of these books will be enough to give you a head start in the world of iPhone app development. So, what are your waiting for? Get a book and build your first app!