Summer Road Trips = More Activity for Mobile Search

Regardless of where drivers are going on their summer road trips, or who they are going with, a smart phone will be in practically every car.  With the increases in mobile search activity, the need to optimize websites and advertising campaigns to capitalize on the specialized traffic has been the advice of marketers everywhere.  Generally, certain businesses may receive higher mobile online search demand than others by the virtue of their goods and services, but the summer travel season can be a game changer for unlikely businesses to capitalize on mobile search.

Think about the impact of local search campaigns with potential search visitors traveling through your town to stretch their legs and get a something to eat, or smart phone users in route to your area as their final vacation destination.   Consider the following when preparing to market your business for visitors who are new to your site, as well as your area.

1. Be Mobile Friendly

Summer travelers have no loyalty to your area or your brand.  Whether your next customer or client is a family packed in a minivan escaping the Blues Clues DVD that has been on repeat for six hours or a group of college kids traveling cross country, summer drivers are all looking for the same feature in a search for their next vacation adventure – convenience.  If your site does get clicked for the keywords you are targeting, but the visitor experience isn’t positive right away, vacationers will be the first to bounce and find the next available search option to meet their immediate needs.  Make sure your site is ready for mobile traffic and your business information and location are readily available.

2. Anticipate the Demand

There may be products and services your business offers that don’t immediately scream “I AM MARKETABLE FOR MOBILE SEARCH”, but vacationers driving through your area could be in the market for anything.  Maybe there is a direct need to replace a toy that was left at the previous rest stop, or repair eye glasses grandma sat on.  Products and services that were not generally considered a prime candidate for a smart phone or iPad search may be the saving grace for some desperate road tripper.

3.  Direct Your Advertising Messaging

Consider your audience and the message that will likely bring them to your door.  Your boutique, bookstore, or coffee shop may be the perfect place to enjoy some of the local flavor of your town.  In fact its quaint location is down the most adorable cobblestone walkway that you will likely miss if you don’t know it is there.  Test messaging for travelers collecting information about unique sites and activities.  Include all variations for identifying your local area, as well as the general need your products and services can fulfill.  Keep in mind the travelers will likely not know your zip code, and may only have the name of the larger town that is directly north or south of you.

Don’t miss out on marketing your business to the captive audience of mobile searchers that are packing their SUVs and bringing their out of town dollars to your area this summer.