It’s 2018 and it seems that people are still struggling to increase their overall productivity. There are millions of tips and tricks online but only some of them can really make the difference and eventually increase your productivity. It seems that as we move forward, technology is taking a huge toll on our daily life – mobile apps, videos, social media, artificial intelligence and so on.

When recent research shows that cell phone calls and messaging are the top productivity killers, and bad technology is one of the main reasons for workplace time-waste, it shows that the answer to the problem is in the problem itself. So here are 3 innovative tech solutions that I use to keep time-wasting technology out of my way.

For me, there are 3 apps that are helping me to increase my productivity on a daily basis: CallApp, Swipes, and Timeular. I’ll explain how exactly do I use the apps, their features, and their power to change your bad habits for once and for all.

We all know that mobile phones can kill our productivity really fast, without even notice. So, we are trying to remove apps like Facebook that sometimes are wasting our time but, what about spam and sales calls? You’re answering your mobile phone and all of a sudden you hear on the other side someone who’s trying to sell you something or even a voicemail with a really creepy message. What do you do? The answer to all the problems I mentioned is CallApp, a powerful caller ID and call recorder that will always know who’s calling your mobile phone. This app has an all in one solution that can help you stay calm and focused during the day. CallApp has one of the largest number databases in the world so it doesn’t matter who called you, the app will tell you who it is including his profile picture, country etc. With one click, you’ll be able to put a certain number on a blacklist and the app will make sure that this number will never bother you again, it’s that simple.

The thing with personal task management apps is that you have to work really hard for them. Create tasks, organize them, prioritize and schedule the action plan. Because most of my tasks come in through emails, my Google calendar, and other tools such as Evernote or Trello, what really helps me here is the order. So I use Swipes Personal to get all my tasks in one place and organize it into one simple action items list.

Time tracking is by far the most important analytics to pay attention to when trying to optimize personal productivity. When I work on multiple projects, I have to know how much time exactly do I spend on each. Otherwise, I might over-invest my time in one project and get myself into a time deficit trap with another. I used several digital time management tools such as desktop and mobile apps. Although they were good enough for data and reporting, they always under-delivered with the most essential feature – tracking. Fortunately, I came noticed a neighbor at my co-working office space uses a wired cube, which I mistakenly considered to be surprisingly large Fidget Cube, but it wasn’t. It was a Timeular – ZEI°, a beautiful 8-sided cube that instantly tracks time for 8 different projects you’re busy with. I immediately knew that this is exactly what my time management technique was missing.

The world is moving up so fast and every minute counts. You gotta stay productive to get yourself ahead. Luckily, technology almost never comes up short with productivity tools that can boost your personal performance. So get it, and beat it!

The tools that I mentioned in this article will help you:
A.Make your phone ring only for the right reasons
B. Keep your daily tasks simple and organized
C. Track on your most important asset – time

So, how are you planning to increase your productivity in 2018?