Sprint has announced its new mobile advertising platform, Pinsight Media+. The company worked with ad-tech company Amobee to build it, and their approach is a bit different than Google’s or Verizon’s. Sprint VP of New Ventures explains it as having “an open approach to everything. … Open means we don’t view the other mobile-ad networks as competitors. Other mobile-ad networks and third-party publishers can utilize our capabilities.”

Sprint says that customers understand that sharing their data is beneficial because they see more relevant ads, and while I agree that this is helpful for targeting and behavior analysis, it might be debatable whether or not consumers see it as beneficial. Sprint will integrate Pinsight into its platforms like Sprint.com, their mobile site as well as Boost’s web portal. The company stated that “expansion of inventory is key,” as AdAge reports.

So what is the true value of capturing data to deliver more relevant ads to the user? Well, if your data analysis is on par, it could be very valuable and come in the form of U.S. dollars. The more valuable platforms can make mobile the better, as many consumers now turn to it as their primary or secondary form of search.