Speek Review – An easy to use conference calling app

Setting up a conference call using modern-day tools can be complicated. Callers are required to enter an eleven-digit number and a long, complicated password, which is made even more difficult if a participant is calling from a cell phone.

Speek simplifies the process of routing people to your call, giving them a link that directs them to the call. This Speek review will highlight the conferencing software‘s features to help businesses determine if it’s the right choice for them.

Speek Review – About the Company

Founded by two entrepreneurs who had spent their fair share of time on conference calls, Speek seeks to simplify what is traditionally a very laborious process. Speek strives to make coordinating conference calls easy by assigning a link to the conference organizer. This eliminates the need to type in long phone numbers and passcodes, sending callers directly into the meeting room, where they belong.

Main Functionality of Speek

With Speek, meeting organizers need only choose a date and time and invite others to the call. Invitations can be issued via a calendar invitation, an instant message, text, or any other method of communication, since the link needs only be copied, pasted, and sent. Best of all, invited guests don’t have to register for anything before joining. They can simply click and join.

Benefits of Using Speek

When a user sets up a Speek membership, that user has a 24/7 meeting room, with no need to schedule or worry about others being on the line. Because meeting invitees are directly added to the call after clicking on the provided link, they won’t spend long minutes listening to bad music. They’ll simply be added to the call, with the meeting organizer seeing that they’ve joined right away.

Unlike other conference services, Speek provides an informative interface that lets participants know who’s talking at any given time. Meeting organizers have the ability to mute and add participants as needed, which can come in handy when someone’s input is needed in the middle of an important call. During the course of the call, participants can also add files using one of the many file services that integrates with Speek.

With Speek for Teams, the app issues a custom URL, specific to your organization. The URL will read http://yourcompany.speek.com/yourusername. Your callers will also see your company logo and links to your social media profiles when they login using the URL you provide.

The Basics: What Does It Look Like?

To join Speek, you’ll only need to create a custom URL. This will be shared with your meeting attendees, so make it easy to for them to remember.

Joining Speek

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be directed to a welcome page that invites you to hold a test call.

To initiate a conference call, you’ll only need to click your link, enter your phone number, and the system will call you, kicking off the call. On your screen, you’ll be redirected to your meeting room, where you’ll be able to see participants and manage them as they call in.

Through your Dashboard, you can view stats on your calls. You can also access your call history and update your profile by clicking on the tabs.


Support Information

Through a “Need Help?” button, located in the bottom-right corner of each screen, users can access a database of how-to articles. If a specific question isn’t answered in the provided content, users can e-mail for more customized assistance.

Pricing Information

Speek is free, but users are limited to five calls per month. A Pro version allows for unlimited calls, call recording, and international calling (not available yet). The Pro version costs only $10 per month. Speek for Business has its own customized pricing model, but is available for a free trial initially.

Speek Review – The Bottom Line

Conference calling doesn’t get easier than through Speek and Speek for Teams. Its easy-to-use interface will appeal to even the most novice audio conferencing user.

Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 3/5, value 5/5