SMS vs Apps

So you’ve heard that mobile apps are where it’s at, everyone who wants to dominate the mobile market must have an app and that anyone who’s anyone has a smartphone. The important thing to note is that these are all sweeping generalisations.

In the UK, 66% of adults now own a smartphone (Ofcom) which means that a third of the adult population can’t download an app on their phone let alone use it.

The mobile app market is intense with strong competition in almost every category imaginable. Although the market is booming, it has been revealed by BlackBerry that 99% of apps are only used once. Why invest both time and money in the app market when there is a simple option that is readily available on all mobile phones?

However, 93% of adults in the UK do own a mobile phone (Ofcom) which means an SMS has guaranteed more reach than any app. It doesn’t require mobile data or an internet connection to be able to receive a message just good old fashioned network signal. Essentially anyone with a mobile number is reachable.

It’s just one reason as to why SMS verification is so popular. The majority of phone users have their phones switched on at all times and are carrying it on them or have it within arm’s reach. The two-step verification process is regarded as secure and quick allowing the user to complete a transaction with ease.

Of course, another is that cost of sending an SMS is very low. For example, you want to gather customer feedback, what are your options? Well you could print out a questionnaire and hand them out to your customers, pop them in their shopping bag, send them out in the post – either way, it’s costly to print and you’ll be rewarded with very few replies.

Then there’s email – very popular to use and we all know that it doesn’t cost a lot or anything to blast out a campaign. Although you might get a few more responses, email does only receive an open rate of 22% (SmartInsights) which is where SMS is unbeatable.

With a read rate of 98% (MobileMarketingWatch), SMS is the most effective way to get your message to your customer. Collecting customer feedback by SMS would take minutes to set up, cost very little and receive more responses than any other medium.

Mobile messenger apps may be popular for the individual to socialise and chat easily, business is better suited to the world of SMS. Although many people choose to get in touch with businesses to ask questions and address issues, we’d find it quite intrusive if we started receiving marketing messages to our social accounts through apps.

That’s why, for business, SMS is always better.