SMS marketing helping you predict the future of your new business

You’ve got a great product, service or system idea and you want to get it launched and fast. It’s not always the case of how good your idea is, but how good your plans to market it are.

So with that in mind where do you see your new business in 12 months’ time?

Reality has no real crystal ball for business nor a magic 8 ball with all the answers, but by using the right tools, features and processes to support your plan and strategy, you could foresee the direction your business is heading – and see it well.

…and this is the point where SMS marketing can help.

While it may not be the crystal ball we’d all hoped for it comes pretty close. Aligned with a decent strategy and potentially combined with other marketing channels, SMS could provide the step into success your business has been looking for.

Since SMS first started being used as a marketing tool in the 1990s, it has helped to establish and grow many key names in business. Think Starbucks and Coca-Cola right through to Kellogg’s and Red Bull.

Whether running competitions, offering surveys or promoting offers, large corporations right through to small and medium enterprises have been excited to take up the medium because of its pretty much-guaranteed results.

It seems SMS is one of the digital marketing tools that has stood the test of time, taking businesses from strength to strength. Previously more traditional methods such as email and direct mail have died a slow and painful death with the introduction of spam filters, a reduction in postal mail being sent and the rise in communicating while on the go.

But why?

Well, the statistics seem to speak for themselves. Often an observation of past results leads the way for the future and with mobile and SMS the effects have always been pretty impressive and just seem to be getting better…

  • More than 5 billion people in the world will own a mobile phone by 2017. That equates to 70% of people in the world who will be able to send and receive text messages. (eMarketer)
  • The average person is estimated to check and look at their phone 150 times daily that includes for; text messages, phone calls, emails and social media notifications. (Nokia)
  • 70% of consumers believe that receiving an offer by mobile is more convenient than any other channel (SAP)
  • Compared to other methods of marketing, 98% of text messages are open and read with the average response time of just 90 seconds. Emails have open rates of around 22%. (Venture Beat)
  • 64% of consumers believe businesses should be communicating with them by SMS. (SAP)

So how can SMS marketing be used to predict the future of your new business or start up?

The statistics do say it all. No other marketing channel can produce such exciting results and if you’ve got the right consumer data then targeting should be simple. If you know what your potential customers or audience want to read, what you want them to do and of course who they are, then SMS could be the future for your businesses.

With exponential open and response rates, SMS marketing takes your business from within the box to outside of it, making it far easier for your messages to be opened, read and spread to other potentials.

So after absorbing the stats for SMS marketing, we’ll ask you again, where do you think your business could be in 12 months’ time?

Original post: Text Marketer